HCI, Politics & the City: Engaging Urban Grassroots Movements for Reflection and Action

HCI, Politics & the City: Engaging Urban Grassroots Movements for Reflection and Action
Website: http://staceyk.org/chi11workshop/
Deadline for workshop submissions: 4 February 2011.

Be bold. Play strategically. Think emotionally. Unite unexpectedly.

Join us in an exploratory two-day engagement with politics in and around Vancouver. Come with an open mind, fertile imagination and willingness to collaborate. Leave with new perspectives, synergies with grassroots movements and invigorated research ideas.

In this two-day workshop, we invite HCI researchers, activists and artists to engage with the processes, materials, challenges, and goals of grassroots communities in Vancouver, the city hosting CHI’11. This is a hands-on workshop. Working together with local organizations, participants will conduct explorations of urban spaces and activist headquarters, participatory design sessions, reflection, critique and creative design of political artifacts. We hope these activities result in concrete design strategies, opportunities for technical interventions and future collaborations in the domain of political computing. Our workshop will facilitate a dialogue around the practical and active engagement of HCI research with grassroots communities. Help us initiate this vital new research direction.

February 4, 2011: Workshop submissions deadline
March 1, 2011: Accepted submissions notified
May 7-8, 2011: Workshop held in Vancouver, Canada (location TBA)

We invite submissions using one of the following formats:        *Position paper in CHI archival format (maximum 4 pages); or        *A photograph, video, website, etc. of a prior project, installation or expression in a public space, along with a brief description. The description (200 words or less) should include the goal of the project (creative expression, political message, etc.), the location and duration of installation; or 
*A creative proposal for a project (new system, interface, campaign, etc.) or design exercise to engage an activist group in Vancouver.
The proposal can focus on an activist organization that might co-organize our workshop (AHA Media, The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project, Pembina Institute) or another group in Vancouver. The proposal can be any format, including a video, website or write-up (maximum 4 pages) as long as it clearly states the goals of the proposed project.

In addition, participants are asked to submit a brief (100 words or less) personal biography. We welcome submissions from participants outside the CHI community (artists, activists, etc.) as well as HCI researchers and participants from underrepresented disciplines within HCI (e.g., anthropology, literature, philosophy, political sciences, or the arts). Submissions should be sent by email to stace@cs.cmu.edu by February 4, 2011. Please include the text “CHI 2011 Workshop” in the subject of your email.

Stacey Kuznetsov, Carnegie Mellon University, US Carl DiSalvo, School of Literature, Communication and Culture, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, US Tad Hirsch, Intel Experience Insights Lab, US Vicki Moulder, The School of Interactive Arts + Technology, Simon Fraser University, CA William Odom, Carnegie Mellon University, US Eric Paulos, Carnegie Mellon University, US Ron Wakkary, The School of Interactive Arts + Technology, Simon Fraser University, CA


About UUID

UUID (Universal Usability and Interaction Design) SIG at Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
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