HCI 2011 Workshop

2nd CFP HCI 2011 Workshop

We are pleased to announce an exciting and diverse programme of workshops to be held in conjunction with the 25th BCS conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2011). HCI 2011 will be held in Newcastle upon Tyne from the 4th to the 8th of July 2011, hosted by Northumbria University (see http://www.hci2011.co.uk/ for more details).

Workshops will take place on Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th of July, the two days preceding the main conference. Workshop participants will be required to pay a £90 workshop fee; a reduced fee of £60 will be granted to those who also register for the conference.

The workshop programme for both days is given below. The general deadline for position papers is the 1st of May 2011, although please check individual workshop webpages for specific attendance criteria. Please note that in a couple of instances the webpages are not yet live, where this is the case we have included placeholder URLs for your information.

We look forward to an exciting series of events.
Siân Lindley and Peter Wild (HCI 2011 workshop co-chairs)

***Workshop Programme for Monday 4th July 2011***

*EuroHCIR2011 – The 1st European Workshop on Human-Computer Information Retrieval* Max Wilson, Tony Russell Rose, Birger Larsen, James Kalbach This workshop aims to stimulate the European industrial and academic interest in Human-Computer Interaction with Information Retrieval, matching the ongoing series of workshops taking place in the USA.

*HCI4WELL2 – The 2nd Workshop on HCI for Wellness: Using computers to improve mental wellness* Rich Picking, Julie Doyle, Christopher Buckingham, Stuart Cunningham, Ann Adams, Alan Newell, Paula Alexandra Silva Paula Fraunhofer Continuing from the first HCI4WELL workshop at HCI2010, we consider user interface design for wellness, an area of health which recognizes a person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

*When Words Fail: What can Music Interaction tell us about HCI?* Katie Wilkie, Rose Johnson, Simon Holland, Grégory Leplâtre This workshop aims to explore research on any aspect of Music Interaction, and to collectively consider lessons for HCI in general.

*Sixth International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing (iUBICOM 2011)* Rahat Iqbal, Jacques Terken, Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, Anne James We aim to discuss challenges for design that arise from the vision of Ubiquitous Computing. The workshop theme is ‘balancing technological and human factors for better design of ubiquitous computing.

*UXCF2011 – Common Curriculum Workshop for UX* Tom McEwan, John Knight, Chandra Harrison This workshop builds on UXCF2010, which kick-started definition of UX competency, and aims to define UX model curricula for short courses, modules and degrees.

*Designing Cool*
Janet Read, Daniel Fitton, Russell Beale, Linda Little This workshop examines cool in the context of interaction design and the extent to which technology can be appropriated for cool. Only cool people should attend 🙂

*The Second International Symposium on Culture, Creativity and Interaction Design* (this two-day workshop continues on Tuesday) Shaowen Bardzell, Ann Light, Jeffrey Bardzell, Mark Blythe The symposium seeks to strengthen the dialogue among the disciplines contributing to culture, creativity and interaction design research, providing a lasting forum for interdisciplinary analysis and experiences of digital media.

***Workshop Programme for Tuesday 5th July 2011***

*The Second International Symposium on Culture, Creativity and Interaction Design* (this two-day workshop continues from Monday – see above for full details)

*Integrating Ambient Information into Healthcare Environments* Ruth Dalton, Nicholas Dalton, Paul Marshall, Rebecca Cain, Christoph Hölscher This workshop will focus on the overlap between hospital building design and information design to examine how embedding context-specific, ambient information in healthcare buildings may support and guide the patient/visitor.

*Delivering User Centred Mobile Design: Commercial realities and UCD
Chandra Harrison, Charlotte Magnusson, Benjamin Poppinga, Sam Medrington, Whan Stransom, Ginger Claassen Practitioners and academics will discuss methods to translate and communicate user requirements to stakeholders, to encourage best practice and to address commercial limitations to improve delivery of user-centred mobile designs.

*PPD11 – Workshop on Coupled Multi-display Environments (MDEs) in Classrooms* Aaron Quigley, Alan Dix, Sriram Subramanian, Stephen Brewster, Miguel A. Nacenta Classrooms present particular educational contexts for Interactive Display Ecosystems or Multi-Display Environments we aim to explore in this workshop.

*Beyond Mobile Context: New and unexplored practices in mobile interaction design and research* Michael Leitner, Johann Schrammel, Manfred Tscheligi This workshop invites mobile interaction designers and researchers to discuss current and future mobile technologies and to scrutinize the design and evaluation methods in that area.

*Supporting Collaboration through Multimodal and Cross-modal Interfaces* Oussama Metatla, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Tony Stockman, Fiore Martin With growing possibilities of using various modalities in interaction comes new opportunities for supporting richer, more effective and engaging collaborations. This workshop examines the issues associated with the design, implementation and evaluation of multimodal and cross-modal collaborative systems.

*The 3rd Workshop on HCI and Services*
Peter Wild, Emma Pickering, John Knight, Stefan Holmlid Services are considered one of the key areas to focus on for growth and innovation within economies. Approaches to service design have emerged that share HCI commitment to working with and for people, the workshop will continue the exploration of the links between the two fields.

*Health, Wealth and Identity Theft: Designing usable privacy and security mechanisms for happiness online* Lynne Coventry, Paul Dunphy, Ivan Flechais, Tristan Henderson, Mike Just, Linda Little, Karen Renaud, Melanie Volkamer Exploring the design and evaluation of usable security and privacy mechanisms for protecting users online.

*Online Patient Experience (PEx) and its role in e-health* Sue Ziebland, Pamela Briggs, John Powell, Liz Sillence This workshop aims to discuss the rise of patient-generated content on the Internet, in the form of online patient experiences (PEx) and to share new approaches and findings.

*HCIEd 2011 – Ten years on! What’s going on?* Gavin Robert Sim, Janet Read, Lynne Coventry, Lars Oestreicher It has now been 10 years since the beginning of the HCI Educators series. To celebrate this moment the HCI Educators workshop at Newcastle is encouraging participation around reflection on practice, and innovation for the future.


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