Workshop on Integrating Mobile Devices into the Car Ecosystem

Workshop on Integrating Mobile Devices into the Car Ecosystem
Tablets and Smartphones as Vital Parts of the Car
30.11.2011 – Salzburg, Austria

In conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications Deadline: 15.10.2011
Submission of position papers via Email to

Today, there is a trend towards integration of mobile (nomadic) devices into the car ecosystem. Thereby, this integration goes beyond using the devices’ core features (such as making phone calls, short messaging, or using social media networks) in the car. Soon, tablets and smartphones will be a vital part of the car enabling services that cannot be used in the car without these devices anymore. This development leads to several research questions regarding the software engineering domain. In this workshop, we are going to discuss current challenges and promising approaches for integrating mobile devices into the car environment from different standpoints. Challenges regarding requirements engineering, user experience and software architecture will be addressed from different stakeholder viewpoints (User, OEM, supplier, 3rd party developer).

We welcome participants from various backgrounds interested in contemplated Software Engineering topics in the context of the mobile and automotive domain, both from a scientific as well as an industrial perspective. We especially want to emphasize the interdisciplinary focus of this workshop. The registration for the main conference is mandatory to participate in the workshop. The registration for the workshops will not involve additional costs and is free of charge!

Prospective attendees should submit open position papers (max. 4 pages ACM SIGCHI format) describing the area of research specific work (empirical, theoretical) on the workshop topic and the innovative character of the research and also provide answers to the following questions: (1) Which Stakeholder viewpoint (e.g. Original Equipment Manufacturer, User, Supplier, 3rd Party Developer, etc.) is assumed? (2) Which Software Engineering Topic (Requirements Engineering, User Experience, Software Architecture) is addressed?

Submissions should address but are not limited to one of the following topics in the context of mobile automotive Software Engineering:
* Cognitive load
* Creating a holistic user experience in the car ecosystem
* Elicitation, specification and analysis of requirements
* Innovative approaches to integrate mobile devices into the car ecosystem
* Looking into different stakeholder perspectives (OEM, User, Supplier, 3rd party developer)
* Physical integration of the mobile device into the car ecosystem
* Pros and cons regarding the integration of mobile devices (e.g. safety by the use of the mobile device, features during driving)
* Quality assurance
* Software architecture of holistic mobile automotive software systems
* UI Design of mobile devices that should be used in or with the car
* Understanding holistic Software Engineering in the car
* User interface design of mobile applications
* User testing
* Visualization of car functionalities on mobile devices

Submissions can be made via Email to
Important Deadlines:
15.10.2011: Submission of position papers
30.10.2011: Acceptance notification
30.11.2011: Date of the workshop

Intended Outcomes:
It is planned to publish summarized results on the workshop website. Furthermore it is intended to publish two whitepapers conducting the workshop results. The first whitepaper will consist of challenges when integrating mobile devices into the car environment and comprise the main workshop results and submissions. A further whitepaper will show future approaches for integrating mobile devices into the car environment which will comprise workshop results on innovative approaches. Both might also be published in the way of a journal paper, a book chapter, or a high quality conference paper.

More Information:
More and continuously updated information can be found at and at the conference website


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UUID (Universal Usability and Interaction Design) SIG at Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
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