ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems on INTERACTION WITH SMART OBJECTS

Special Issue of the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems on INTERACTION WITH SMART OBJECTS

Main submission deadline: November 30th, 2011


“Smart objects” refers to the rapidly growing trend of introducing computing capabilities into everyday objects and places. Well-known examples range from smart kitchen appliances and objects (smart coffee machines, smart knives and cutting boards, …) to smart meeting rooms and even city-wide infrastructures. Smart objects are mostly fully functional on their own, but value is added by capabilities for communication and distributed reasoning. While a lot of research has focused on the many technical challenges involved in implementing smart objects, far less research has been conducted on the question of how interaction of users with these objects can be improved, either by leveraging the intelligence in the objects or by other means. Smart objects raise unique challenges and opportunities for designing interaction with intelligent systems: coping with the mostly limited interaction capabilities, exploiting context information to provide more natural interaction, helping the user to understand the behavior and capabilities of the objects . This special issue will publish papers that address these issues from a variety of perspectives. The dimensions listed below indicate the range of work that is relevant to the special issue. In case of doubt about the relevance of your topic, please contact the guest editors.

Paradigms for Interaction With Smart Objects
– Multimodal interaction
– Adaptive interaction
– Context-awareness
– Embodied and tangible interaction
– Interacting with ensembles of smart objects
– Models for Human / Smart Object Interaction
– Conceptual models of interaction with smart objects
– Relevant psychological models
– Design principles and guidelines
– Intelligibility of Smart Objects
– Self-explanatory smart objects
– Natural means for controlling smart objects
– Intelligibility of smart object ensembles and the Internet of  Things
– Empirical Studies of Human / Smart Object Interaction
– User studies with general implications
– Novel evaluation techniques

– Max Muehlhaeuser, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt   (contact: info[at]smart-objects[dot]org)
– Kris Luyten, Hasselt University, Expertise Centre for Digital   Media (EDM)
– Oliver Brdiczka, PARC
– Daniel Schreiber, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
– Melanie Hartmann, AGT Group (R&D) GmbH

– By November 30th, 2011: Submission of manuscripts
– By March 14th, 2012: Notification about decisions on initial   submissions
– By June 12th, 2012: Submission of revised manuscripts
– By August 13th, 2012: Notification about decisions on revised manuscripts
– By September 12th, 2012: Submission of manuscripts with final   minor changes
– Starting October, 2012: Publication of the special issue on the TiiS website, in the ACM Digital Library, and (shortly afterward) as a printed issue (Note: A previously announced midsummer submission deadline turned out to be inconvenient for most interested authors.)

Please see the instructions for authors on the TiiS website (

ABOUT ACM TiiS TiiS (pronounced “T double-eye S”) is a recently founded ACM journal for research about intelligent systems that people interact with.  The journal’s procedures and infrastructure have been designed to combine the traditional quality and depth of ACM journals with the efficiency and predictability of the best-run conferences. Information on the contents of the inaugural issue is available on the journal’s.

About UUID

UUID (Universal Usability and Interaction Design) SIG at Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
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