ACM MobileHCI 2012

ACM MobileHCI 2012 – Call for Participation
14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Sponsored by ACM and SigCHI
September 21st-24th, 2012, in San Francisco
CA Accepted submissions will be published in the proceedings and the ACM digital library.

Full Papers and Notes Feb 17
Workshops Proposals Feb 24
Tutorials May 4
Posters and Interactivity May 4
Doctoral Consortium May 4
Panels May 4

Full papers are up to 10 pages in ACM SigCHI Format
Notes up to 4 pages
All deadlines are 5PM Pacific Time

Mobile HCI is the leading conference in the field of Human Computer Interaction concerned with portable and personal devices and with the services to which they enable access. Mobile HCI provides a multidisciplinary forum for academics, hardware and software developers, designers and practitioners to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for effective interaction with and through mobile devices, applications, and services.

Elizabeth F. Churchill, Yahoo Research, USA
Sriram Subramanian, University of Bristol, UK

Patrick Baudisch, Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany
Kenton O’Hara, Microsoft Research, Cambridge & University of Bristol, UK

Full papers must break new ground and provide complete and substantial support for the reported results and conclusions. Submissions must be at most 10 pages in ACM SigCHI format, including figures, references, and appendices. Notes offer a focused contribution to the research program. They are not work-in-progress but offer completed, rigorously researched/developed work that makes a significant contribution to the field of MobileHCI. While smaller in contribution scope than full papers, Notes are expected to be a solid contribution to the field. Submissions should be at most 4 pages in ACM SigCHI format, including figures, references, and appendices. Submissions of both Full Papers and Notes must be in an electronic form as PDF format and should be uploaded using the Precision Conference website.

Additional guidelines can be found at Accepted Full Papers and Notes will be distributed in the conference proceedings on digital format. They will also be placed in the ACM Digital Library, where they will remain accessible to thousands of researchers and practitioners worldwide. For questions about Full Papers and Notes for MobileHCI 2012, contact the Technical Paper Chairs, Patrick Baudisch and Kenton O’Hara at

We invite high-quality research papers and notes that advance the state of the art in the design, development, deployment, evaluation, experience and understanding of mobile computing technology, applications and services. Topics include, but not limited to:
– Novel mobile devices and hardware
– Novel mobile user interfaces and interaction techniques
– Mobile social networks
– Context-aware systems
– Mobile Multimodal interaction
– Group interaction and mobility
– Mobility and work environments
– Mobile accessibility
– Services for mobile devices
– Wearable computing, smart clothes, new devices and sensors
– Mobile entertainment, storytelling and location based gaming
– Mobile art – Evaluation and usability of mobile devices and services
– User-centered design tools and methods for mobile systems
– Ethnographic and field studies with mobile technology
– Visualization techniques for mobile context (including 3D graphics on mobiles)
– Safety issues e.g., in-car user interfaces, payments
– Trust, privacy, content protection, legal aspects & issues for mobiles

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