searching4fun Workshop at ECIR 2012

Workshop at ECIR 2012, April 1., 2012 Barcelona, Spain

About the Workshop
People spend more and more time online, not just to find information, but
with the goal of enjoying themselves and passing time. Research has begun
to show that during casual-leisure search, peoples’ intentions, their
motivations, their criteria for success, and their querying behaviour all
differ from typical web search, whilst potentially representing a
significant portion of search queries. This workshop will investigate
searching for fun, or casual-leisure search, and aims to understand this
increasingly important type of searching, bring together relevant IR
sub-communities (e.g. recommender systems, result diversity, multimedia
retrieval) and related disciplines, discuss new and early research, and
create a vision for future work in this area.

There are lots of other open questions relating to searching for fun: What
are people’s querying patterns like in these situations? How can systems,
models, and algorithms better support users in this behaviour? What are
the best approaches or measures to evaluate solutions? How can search be
made more engaging, interactive, fun? These are important questions for
the domain of information retrieval, and so ECIR is a key venue for
gathering searchers from around the world to talk about searching for fun.

The topics of the workshop will be evaluation focused and include but are
not be limited to:
– Understanding information needs and search behaviour in casual-leisure
– How existing systems are used in casual-leisure searching scenarios.
– Systems / Interfaces / Algorithmic approaches to supporting Search in
Casual-leisure situations.
– Use of Recommender Systems for Entertaining Content (books, movies,
videos, music, websites).
– Modelling of users interests and generation of accurate and appropriate
user profiles.
– Interfaces for exploratory search for casual-leisure situations.
– Evaluation (methods, metrics) of Casual-leisure searching situations.

– David Elsweiler, University of Regensburg, Germany
– Max L. Wilson, University of Swansea, Wales
– Morgan Harvey, University of Erlangen, Germany

Participants should submit anonymised 2-4 page ACM format PDFs to the
easychair page. More details are in our submissions page.

Important Dates
Submissions: 3rd Feb 2012
Notifications: 24th Feb 2012
Camera Ready: 2nd March 2012
Workshop: 1st April 2012

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