2012 IEEE 5th Conference on Context Awareness for Proactive Systems

5th Conference on Context Awareness for Proactive Systems: CAPS2012 (http://www.ieeevtc.org/caps2012/) in conjunction with 2012 IEEE 76th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2012-Fal (http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2012fall/)
3-4 September 2012, Québec City, Canada

Submission of full papers 14 April 2012
Notification of acceptance 14 May 2012
Camera Ready Papers 11 June 2012

Following CAPS2005, 06, 07 and 10, the fifth Conference on Context Awareness for Proactive Systems will be held in conjunction with IEEE VTC2012-Fall in Québec City, Canada.

Proactive computing and communication systems are connected to the physical world by means of sensors and actuators, which are used to both measure and manipulate the physical surroundings. The gathered environmental data serve proactive systems as stimuli to which they respond in terms of providing users with appropriate resources, information, and services.

In order to fulfill this task, proactive systems need to and benefit from taking users’ contexts into account, i.e. using the gathered sensor data to infer users’ state, activities, goals, and so on and to adjust their proactive behavior accordingly. In addition, mobile and pervasive environments have turned out to be a promising application area for proactive systems. Deploying proactive systems in such rapidly changing environments enforces the need to make them context-aware.

Context awareness in proactive systems opens up a lot of novel opportunities; however, it also poses new challenges upon proactive computing technology. The major objective of the workshop is to study and explore these challenges and proposed ways of meeting them. This includes research on modeling and representing context in proactive computing systems, frameworks and architectures for context handling, sensor and actuator management, context reasoning, learning, and prediction as well as on modeling, recognizing and fulfilling user demand.

Papers on following (but not limited to) are invited:
• Context information gathering and data management
• Frameworks and architectures for context-aware systems
• User demand recognition and modeling
• Context reasoning
• Sensor and actuator management
• Context modeling and representation
• Context learning and prediction techniques
• Context-based resource, information, and service provisioning
• Infrastructures for proactive systems
• Context aware applications

For further details visit: http://www.ieeevtc.org/caps2012

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