CHI 2012 workshop on Simple, Sustainable Living

2nd Call for participation
Simple, Sustainable Living Workshop at CHI 2012, Austin, TX, USA, May 6, 2012

Key dates:
Submission deadline: January 13, 2012
Acceptance notification: February 10, 2012
Workshop day: Sunday May 6, 2012

The goal of this one-day CHI Sustainability Community workshop is to discuss how to design for simpler lifestyles as part of a more holistic view on sustainability. What roles do technologies play in adding complexity, feeding busyness, and inducing unsustainable lifestyles? What is the responsibility of HCI in understanding these roles and providing simpler, more sustainable ways of living?

We invite researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines interested in issues related to the relationship between technology and the ‘complexification’ of life to discuss the possibilities and tensions in designing IT to support simpler lifestyles. These issues could be examined from theoretical, empirical, and/or speculative or practical design perspectives.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Anytime, anywhere access with mobile technologies
• Personal information management and the complication or simplification of everyday life • Designing for slowness, reflection, and/or minimalism
• Technology avoidance • Family practices around complexity and simplicity
• The intersection between human and environmental sustainability
• Cultural perspectives on complex and simple lifestyles
• Critical reflections on using IT to support simple living

To participate, please send a 2-4 page position paper by January 13, 2012 using the ACM paper format ( to, describing:
1. The work you have done on this topic and how it is related to this workshop.
2. One or two key issues, challenges, or opportunities you are interested in discussing in the workshop. Why are they important? How do you envision making progress in addressing them?

For any questions, contact Maria Håkansson (

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