First International Workshop on Social Web for Disaster Management (SWDM)

First International Workshop on Social Web for Disaster Management (SWDM)
In conjunction with WWW 2012
April 17, 2012 – Lyon, France

Submission deadline: January 23, 2012
Submit by e-mail to

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners who are interested in employing data from the social Web for
disaster management. While traditionally a handful of news channels report
updates, recently citizens and organizations have used multiple
communication channels to share, predict, detect, discuss and report on
large-scale events. Prime examples are the communications patterns and
sharing motifs that emerged shortly after the London underground bombings
(cell-phone based updates), Hurricane Katrina (Craigslist), or the Hudson
River plane crash (Twitter). Existing approaches to mining public feeds
are primarily aimed at searching for specific information or providing
general trends within the whole dataset, and crucially post event (e.g.
time or location based crowd clustering). To enable effective management
of large-scale events, whether natural or economic disasters, there is a
need for advances in situational awareness and reduction in response times
in disaster management processes. In order to achieve that, a system needs
to go beyond using post-event system-generated data, and incorporate both
algorithm and crowdsourcing techniques to gather, analyze, organize and
then visualize Web data and activity around an event in real-time.

TOPICS OF INTEREST include, but are not restricted to the following:
* Making sense of social Web Data in disasters
* Mining community generated feeds to obtain situational awareness of the
* Modeling global events from a variety of Web sources
* Trust model for Web-based community contributions to extract credible
* Web-platform for Disaster Management
* Cross-referencing, summarizing and presenting social Web in consumable

Manuscripts due: January 23, 2012
Notification of acceptance: January 30, 2012
Final revised manuscript: March 8, 2012
Workshop: April 17, 2012

We welcome original, unpublished manuscripts of up to 4 pages. Vision
papers and work-in-progress are welcomed as abstracts (2 pages). Papers
must follow ACM SIG format (2-column).

Papers are to be submitted by emailing:

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