IJHCS Special Issue on Social Networks and Ubiquitous Interactions

Call for papers
Special Issue of IJHCS  The International Journal of Human-Computer
Title: Social Networks and Ubiquitous Interactions

Guest Editors
Vassilis Kostakos (University of Oulu)
Mirco Musolesi (University of Birmingham)

This special issue invites submissions of original research exploring the
interplay between online social networks and ubiquitous technologies. HCI
venues have seen an increase in papers looking at online systems like
Facebook, and how the rich information that users provide in these systems
can be used to customize the interaction with the system. In addition,
research in ubiquitous interactions and systems aims to infer users
context and adapt appropriately. In this special issue we wish to explore
how the rich information in online social networks can be leveraged to
adapt ubiquitous systems, and conversely how ubiquitous technologies can
be used to make online social networks more dynamic.

We invite papers that address one of the following topics, or a closely
related one:
-Use of social context in dynamic and ubiquitous user interfaces
-Tools, frameworks, and techniques for integrating social networks and
ubiquitous interactions
-Adapted interaction in social networks
-Contextual friend grouping and labeling mechanisms
-Online social networks as virtual context sensors
-Physical sensors feeding into online social networks
-Mobile sensing and social networks integration
-Mobile social networks and context awareness
-Geo-social mobile systems and ubiquitous interactions
-Sentiment analysis and natural language processing of online social
networks for ubiquitous computing system design
-Network analysis and ubiquitous interactions

IJHCS and Submissions
The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies is one of the top
journals in HCI, with a 5-year impact factor of 2.3. We invite members of
the research community to submit original articles relevant to the topic
of this special issue. Although articles must be based on original
research, extended versions of conference papers may be acceptable if they
contain at least 50% new material. Papers will be subject to the full
IJHCS review process.

Submission instructions
Manuscripts should generally not exceed 8000 words. Papers should be
prepared according to the IJHCS Guide for authors, and should be submitted
online according to the journal’s instructions. The IJHCS Guide for
authors and online submission are available at

Important dates
21 May 2012: Paper submission deadline
1 August 2012: Notify authors of paper acceptance
Publication date: Early 2013 (TBC)
Vassilis Kostakos
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Oulu, Finland
Email: vassilis[AT]ee.oulu.fi

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