CHI2012 Workshop 30 – Cool aX Continents, Cultures and Communities

Cool aX Continents, Cultures and Communities
Date: Sunday 6th May 2012
Location: CHI2012 (Workshop W30)

Call for Participation
Cool is perhaps the most coveted goal of design while also being the least
well understood and most elusive. This workshop builds upon previous work
by the authors in understanding and designing for cool. Current literature
and work on cool predominantly focuses on specific demographics of society
without exploring its broader application. This workshop aims to explore
and discuss the notion of cool and how it crosses the boundaries of
continents, cultures and communities. This workshop aims to gather a
deeper understanding of the different facets and contexts of cool, and
whether cool as a concept can be globally defined.

Workshop Submissions
We are inviting contributions in the following areas:
– theoretical understanding of cool
– cool products
– exploration of non-cool
– design and evaluation of cool things
– cultural differences within cool
– cool in non-UK contexts
– cool for old people
– cool for people who really aren’t cool

Submission Details
Authors are asked to submit a 4 page position paper in the CHI extended
abstracts format to by 1st February, 2012. A short
biography of the author(s) attending the workshop needs to be included
(100-150 words). If accepted, at least one author must register for the
workshop and for at least one day of the conference. The Workshop
organizers may decide to cap the number of attendees per accepted position
paper. Papers will also be compiled on the workshop website. Attendees
will be strongly encouraged to recruit a minimum of 12 (no maximum) people
to populate and complete an on-line ‘Cool Wall’ prototype.

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