CHI2012 Workshop: I just love this product!


I just love this product! Looking into wow products, from analysis to

We all recognize “cool” products, once these are on the shelf. Consumers
can point out the cool products from the ordinary ones, even though they
might not always be able to provide a comprehensive motivation for their
choice. However, for manufacturers and service providers, having landed a
successful product, does not necessarily mean that the recipe for
wow-products is now known.

Although in the HCI literature some (general) models and ideas are
described, these descriptions do not seem to be sufficiently concrete to
guide the development process towards an idea for a cool product or

On the other hand, we expect that in industry and academia much tacit
knowledge and experience must exist, about what worked before and what not
– a potential goldmine to aid in a better understanding of this elusive
concept. The aim of the workshop is to derive a set of heuristics through
analyzing and comparing examples of successful products and services,
brought in by the participants.

Position papers are invited that provide an in-depth analysis of a product
or service, focusing on what makes it cool – from a design, a marketing, a
technology perspective, or a combination of all those. During the
workshop, this material will be used to come to a set of guidelines or
heuristics for product or service development that goes one step deeper
than what is currently found in literature.

Position papers of 2-4 pages, in the CHI Extended Abstracts format
(, can be submitted to<>. The (extended) deadline
for submissions is January 24th, 2012. Notification will be on February
10th. All submitted position papers will be peer-reviewed by a program
committee. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for
the workshop and for one or more days of the CHI 2012 conference. Contact
for questions:<>.

Jettie Hoonhout, Philips Research Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Bernt Meerbeek, Philips Research Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Elizabeth Buie, Luminance Consulting, Silver Spring, MD, USA

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