Tutorials ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering

Call for Tutorials ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive
Computing Systems 2012 (EICS 2012)

Submission deadline: February 6th, 2012
Conference: June 25-28 2012, ITU Copenhagen, Denmark
Format: 2 page proposal, 2 page extended abstract, SIGCHI format.
Details: http://eics-conference.org/2012/subm/tutorial.html

EICS 2012 is the fourth international conference devoted to engineering
usable and effective interactive computing systems. Topics of interest
include multi-device interactive systems, new and emerging modalities
(e.g., gesture), entertaining applications (e.g., mobile and ubiquitous
games), safety critical systems (e.g. medical devices), and design and
development methods (e.g., model-based development, extreme programming).

EICS focuses on methods, techniques, and tools for designing and
developing interactive systems. The conference brings together people who
study or practice the engineering of interactive systems, drawing from
HCI, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, CSCW, Ubiquitous and
Pervasive Systems, and Game Development communities.

Tutorials present an opportunity for leading researchers and practitioners
to promote new approaches to the design, development and implementation of
interactive computing systems to a more engineering focussed HCI audience.
They will be selected by a panel of referees and will be held only if
they attract the required minimum number of participants. In line with the
Engineering ethos of the conference, Tutorials will be integrated into the
main conference program.

Tutorials will be chosen on the basis of the quality of presentation and
the value to the audience. Please note that tutorial submissions may not
be anonymous. Tutorial submissions include two PDF files: a 2-page
proposal and a 2-page extended abstract for the proceedings in the SIGCHI
publications format http://www.sigchi.org/chipubform. The proposal should
contain the title of the tutorial, a description of the aims and goals,
the format (half-day or full-day), intended audience (young/senior
researchers/practitioners), tutor’s background (including previous events
in which this or a similar tutorial was given), content outline, and a 300
word abstract for the advance program.

We are happy to answer informal queries at tutorials@eics2012.org

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