DataDev – Workshop on Mobile Data Collection in the Developing World

1st International Workshop on Mobile Data
Collection in the Developing World (DataDev 2012)
Co-located with IEEE MDM 2012
Bangalore, India
July 23, 2012

DEADLINE (one-paragraph abstract): March 1, 2012

Ever wonder what REAL organizations need for data collection?
Organizations in the developing world have long been burdened by
managing large-scale data collection efforts. Today, the mobile
revolution has made possible new tools for data collection and
digitization, with the potential to radically transform the management
of data in resource-constrained settings.

The workshop will connect leading organizations, having field
operations in India, with an international cadre of researchers who
are developing the latest tools for collecting and managing data. Our
goals are to identify new research directions, to disseminate the
latest technologies from the lab to the field, and to forge new
long-term collaborations that are beneficial to both researchers and

We invite participation in the following ways:

* Give a talk: a short (10-15 minute) presentation regarding your
tools, experiences, or requirements for mobile data collection.

* Give a demo: a demonstration of your technology or tool for
collecting digitized data, either via entry on a mobile platform or
via digitization of a paper form.

* Show your forms: for those with access to real paper forms that are
used in the field, we invite you to showcase those forms (preferably
with data filled in!) for the benefit of researchers.

To reserve a presentation slot, please send us a one-paragraph
description of your talk, demo, or paper forms. Details on the
submission procedure are available on

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