DIS’12 Workshop: Designing Interactive Lighting

Call for participation
DIS 2012 Workshop on Designing Interactive Lighting
June 11, 2012: Newcastle, UK
in conjunction with DIS 2011 (http://www.dis2012.org/)
URL: http://interactivelight.id.tue.nl
Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2012.

The Light Emitting Diode is a game changing technology. The rules for
designing with light now have to be rewritten as this technology offers
the designer radically new opportunities. LEDs can be applied in their
thousands in luminaires or embedded in the architecture, and all could be
controlled individually to obtain the perfect lighting design. These
developments are certainly exciting but we need to understand how they
will enhance people’s lives for the better. For this workshop, the aim
is to explore new ways of interacting with light that suits our ideas for
the future and exploits the possibilities of the LED.

From previous workshops on this subject area, a number of topics were
identified as being the core of this research into Interactive Ambient
Lighting: semantics of light; light applications and technology;
multi-user aspects; and interaction paradigms. In this workshop we want to
explore two of these topics: multi-user aspects and interaction paradigms.

The main goals of the workshop are:
– Identify key UI challenges for new forms of interactive lighting
systems in a multi-user context.
– Establish a link with existing interaction paradigms that can be
(re-)used for control of future lighting systems.
– Idea generation session on UI design for interactive lighting

Topics of Interest:
– Interaction design for lighting systems
– Adaptation of existing UI paradigms to lighting systems
– User studies of interactions that are or can be applied to
interactive lighting systems
– Smart lighting systems
– Evaluation methodologies relevant to multi-user interactive
lighting systems

We invite researchers and designers interested in exploring user
interaction for new forms of lighting systems.

Workshop structure
The first part of the workshop (the morning) will be dedicated to the
introduction of the emerging forms of lighting and presentations of the
individual attendees. The afternoon will be dedicated to interactive
session with discussions in groups, for which the topics will be
formulated based on the initial set of workshop questions.

Submission instructions
To participate in this workshop at DIS 2012, please submit a 2-4 page
position paper describing your experience, findings, designs or interests
relevant to the themes of the workshop. Please prepare your submission
according to the ACM proceedings template format.

Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2012.
Notification of acceptance by April 1, 2012.

Papers or any workshop related questions can be submitted by email to

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