IWIPS 2012

IWIPS 2012
Transforming Through SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)
11th International Workshop on I18N of Products & Systems
(In-cooperation with ACM)
September 5-8, 2012
GOA, India
Visit for more details: http://www.iwips2012.org/

Call for Papers, Case Studies, Research-in-Progress, Late Breaking
Research, and Tutorials

Trends as reported by KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), mobile
devices (iPods, iPads , iPhones and Android based devices) have hit
critical mass. Smartphone + tablets shipments have exceeded PC shipments.
Five countries namely China, USA, Russia, Brazil, and India constitute 46%
of the Internet users. Year-on-Year global mobile platform 3G-subscriber
growth is around 35%. Farmville and Cityville from Zynga are examples of
great new social products ramping up extremely quickly. Real time social
features such as Sharing + Location + Friending are accelerating mobile
usage growth. Moreover convergence is the new trend. For example,
Smartphones are making TV interactive. With constant product improvements,
mobile is revolutionizing commerce. This new trend has been called SoLoMo
– Social, Local, and Mobile. With trends such as ubiquitous and cloud
computing, more affordable devices, personalization, and explosion of apps
social, local and mobile will converge. The acceptance and acceleration of
SoLoMo have started transforming the ways of peoples’ life.

Keeping that in mind, the theme of IWIPS 2012 is Transforming with SoLoMo
(Social, Local, Mobile)

In 2012, IWIPS is coming to India and will be held from September 5-8 in
Goa. In addition to the conference, the location would provide
participants a first-hand glimpse of the cultural diversity of GOA – a
former Portuguese colony, India’s smallest state by area and the fourth
smallest by population- renowned for its beaches, places of worship and
world heritage architecture, rich flora and fauna, owing to its location
on the Western Ghats range.

At IWIPS 2012, the participants will consist of designers, practitioners,
and researchers, from both academia and industry. The workshop will offer
tutorials, keynotes, industrial case studies, panels, story telling
sessions, late breaking research and presentations.

IWIPS 2012 Call for Submissions
The IWIPS 2012 committee is seeking submissions on the topics of
localization and globalization, with an emphasis on this year’s theme:
Transforming With Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo). The objective of the
2012 theme is to focus on the impact of the new trends of SoLoMo on
design, development and evaluation of products, applications and services
and their relevance to international design teams. IWIPS 2012 invites
several types of submissions, including papers, case studies,
research-in-progress and tutorials. All final camera-ready submissions
are due 1st of August 2012, unless indicated otherwise. Accepted
submissions (expect tutorials) will be published in the IWIPS 2012

Suggested Topics for Submissions
IWIPS 2012 provides an appropriate platform in addressing
internationalization and localization issues related to the theme of
Transforming with SoLoMo such as usability, product design, user interface
design, ethnographic methods, policies, and cultural data collection
methods when designing and developing internationally marketed products
and systems.

Submission Types
Papers – Papers are formal reports of completed research, organized on a
modified APA model. The length of the paper should exceed 10 pages in the
proceedings format.

Case Studies – Case studies are structured descriptions of the lessons
learned in applied design, evaluation, or development of products or
systems within industry. The length of case studies should be between 4 to
8 pages in the proceedings format.
Tell-a-Story Presentations – If you have interesting stories (good, bad
and ugly) of successes and failures in developing cross-cultural products
and services, you may want to submit through this new category of
submission. The stories could include your experiences in research in
different cultures, methodologies, & product development but not limited
to these. Your STORY submission should provide a description of the story
you wish to tell and it’s relevance to the theme of this conference. You
have to also mention your method of telling the story (e.g. live theatre,
puppet show, film/video etc). A brief mention of the background,
procedures and methodology used in your activity is also required. The
length of the Tell-a-Story abstract should be 3 to 4 pages in the
proceedings format. Each selected submission will be presented during the
IWIPS 2012 either through a special session or at key cultural events.

Research-in-Progress and Late-Breaking Research Paper –
Research-in-Progress papers should provide a description of the
background, procedures and methodology, anticipated results, and
preliminary findings (if any) of ongoing research or applied product
design, evaluation or development. The length of the Research-in-Progress
papers should be 4 to 6 pages in the proceedings format. (Graduate
students are encouraged to submit a paper based on their theses or
dissertations.) Each submission will be presented during the
Research-in-Progress & LBR Session and in the IWIPS 2012 exhibit area.

Tutorials – A tutorial is a comprehensive delivery, in an interactive and
applied style of a core set of internationalization or localization skills
methodologies or procedures relevant to the theme of IWIPS 2012. Tutorials
should be interactive and applied in the nature of their delivery. Initial
proposals should be 3 to 5 pages in length and do not have to be submitted
in the proceedings format. The final submission will be between 15 to 30
pages, in the proceedings format.

Important Dates 2012 Early submission is welcomed

Papers and Case studies
Submission deadline: June 1, 2012
Notification to authors: July 1, 2012
Camera ready copies of papers : August 1, 2012

Initial proposal: June 15, 2012
Notification to authors: July 1, 2012
Final submissions: August 15, 2012

Tell-a-Story Presentations
Submission deadline: June 15, 2012
Notification to authors: July 1, 2012
Camera ready copies of papers: August 1, 2012

Research-in-Progress & Late Breaking Research, Paper & Posters
Submission deadline: July 1, 2012
Notification to authors: July 15, 2012
Camera Ready Final Briefs submission: August 1, 2012
Final Submission (Interactive Posters) :August 15, 2012
Final Submissions (Traditional Posters) : At Registration

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