When the City Meets the Citizens Workshop (WCMCW 2012)


When the City Meets the Citizens Workshop , Dublin, June 4th 2012 (WCMCW)
In conjunction with the International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and
Social Media (ICWSM)

Social media has played a key role in providing insights into people’s
activities, opinions and day-to-day lives. These detailed user-generated
information-streams offer a unique opportunity for cities to understand
and engage their citizens. The research domain of smarter cities aims to
monitor disruptive events (e.g., emergencies, Olympics), analyze social
behaviour, identify citizens’ sentiment and understand their interactions
with services. On the other side, cities can use their understanding of
the citizen to foster stronger relationships with the diverse communities
in their constituencies. This understanding could be applied to mobilize
people on important issues such as education, health care, political
engagement and community awareness.

Current social media research falls short of what the agenda behind
smarter cities requires. Most of the research in social media has gone
into understanding the relationship between the city and its dwellers, and
researchers have done so by collecting and analyzing what dwellers post on
social media sites. However, these sites could be used not only to monitor
citizens but also to engage them. This workshop is interested in research
that aims to progress both sides of this relationship, but particularly
research that works towards closing the loop between the city and the

This WCMC workshop fosters discussions covering topics such as (but not
limited to):
* Use of social media to engage citizens, for example through gamification
* Improving understanding of the city through mining social media
* Disaster recovery and coordination using social media
* Mobilizing the community through social media
* Pervasive applications for user interaction and data collection
* Enabling citizen and NGO initiatives through social media
* Methodology for quality evaluation and validation of user generated content
* Visualizations and interfaces to enable exploration of city data
* Privacy and ethical concerns in citizen engagement

All contributions must be submitted as PDF files. The workshop accepts
full papers (no longer than 6 pages) and position papers (no longer than 4
pages),and all must be submitted by the deadlines given above, and
formatted in AAAI two-column, camera-ready style (see the author
instructions page). All submitted papers will be reviewed and judged on
originality, technical correctness, relevance, and quality of presentation
by the Program Committee. All accepted submissions must be presented
during the workshop. Please submit papers to EasyChair WCMCW2012 (

Follow use on Twitter @wcmcw2012

Paper submission deadline: March 2, 2012
Paper acceptance notifications:March 16, 2012

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