Design Performative Interaction in Public Space Workshop

Designing Performative Interactions in Public Space – DIS Workshop
Newcastle, UK – June 11th and 12th
Submission Deadline: March 30th, 2012

We often use personal digital technologies while in public spaces, and
more and more public interfaces find their way into our everyday
lives. Simultaneously, metaphors from performance and theatre studies
find their way into research on these interfaces, addressing how
interaction with technology can be understood in a performative sense.
However, the term “performativity” is rarely addressed in ways that
accentuate its nuances and its analytic power, and this is the focus
of the workshop.

The workshop is relevant to media theorists, practitioners and/or
designers interested in:

– Gestural interaction and on-body sensing (e.g. wearable
computing/sensing, Wii, Kinect and proprietary systems)
– Interactive media art (e.g. installations, performances or mobile
– Public screens or installations (e.g. in public squares, air- ports,
theme parks and science museums)
– Interfaces for use in public (e.g. kiosks, tangible and mo- bile interfaces)

As part of the hands-on interactive nature of this workshop, we are
accepting two types of submissions. This workshop invites both
traditional workshop position papers as well as ‘prototyping platform’

Position papers can be works-in-progress, early results papers, and
theoretical position papers, with preference given to papers that
discuss issues of performativity in ways that allow for further
development and discussion.

Prototyping platform submissions should describe technology, software,
sensors or installations that support prototyping and design
activities. Accepted authors of these submissions will be invited to
deploy their system during the second day of the workshop to support
design and development activities.

Submit a position or prototyping platform paper of no more than 2
pages using the DIS 2012 papers template

Please indicate which type of paper you are submitting. Submissions
should not be anonymized.

At least one author of each accepted position paper must register for
the workshop.

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