RSA® Conference 2012

RSA® Conference 2012, San Francisco: Security, Security, Security

RSA® Conference 2012 was held from February 27th — March 2nd in San
Francisco. RSA was a gathering of professionals and companies providing
the latest technology in computer security.

With growing concerns in data protection, defense against cyber attacks,
and even privacy, consumers and enterprises have grown more and more
sensitive to security issues. Several recent and important data breaches
have occurred. The Sony PlayStation Network failing to protect personal
information and credit card numbers of up to 77 million users, the
Epsilon, an email service provider that put the customers of at least
50 major companies at risk from targeted phishing attacks, and the
vulnerability of iPhones and other smart phones in protecting users’
data and other such contact information stored on the smart devices are
among just a few examples that depict just why security is a primary
concern in computer technology.

One of the main areas of interest in the RSA was the expansion of cloud
computing. The growth of this has caused data like patient pacemakers,
banking, consumer notes and ideas innovative security technology to be
stored on the cloud.

On the exhibition floor one would notice the expansion of technology to
protect the cloud access security with more traditional methods such as
encryption, authentication technologies, and file transfers.

Although there was not one specific outstanding technology or product
being offered in this year’s conference, it was certainly made apparent
that when it comes down to it, technology cannot provide a solution for
the security issues brought on by another person gaining the
authentication information.

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