3rd International Workshop on Fostering Social Interactions in the Ageing Society (COOP2012)

New Submission deadline:  April 1, 2012

In conjunction with the International Conference on the Design of
Cooperative Systems – COOP 2012

3rd International Workshop
Fostering Social Interactions in the Ageing Society: Designing for
Inter/Generational Communities

29 Mai, Marseille, France
New workshop submission deadline: 1 April 2012

Ageing societies call for innovative and sustainable concepts to enable
elderly adults to manage their everyday life in a highly self-determined
and independent way. Research from different fields, such as CSCW, HCI,
and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living), has recognized the big challenges for
this field, especially in the domain of medical and care oriented support
systems. Thus, a lot of innovative products have emerged that aim to
support or improve health-related problems in an ageing society. However,
what has been somewhat neglected so far, is what we would call the ‘social
side’ of health and well-being – and with this a perspective on the
socio-technical embedding of assistive and communication technologies.
That’s why this workshop takes on a community-oriented perspective to
designing ICT for elderly adults.

This workshop will be a follow-up activity on two previous workshops at
ECSCW 2009 and ECSCW 2011. The workshop is aimed at researchers involved
in previous workshops, but also other researchers interested in
socio-technical ICT design for the elderly. The previous workshops focused
on fostering social interaction and on reconsidering common research
methodologies, technological solutions and research paradigms. A first
roadmap for future ICT research on fostering social interactions for an
ageing society has been started. The aim of the following COOP’12 workshop
is to continue with a focus on designing for inter/generational

The workshop aims at gathering research on ICT for inter/generational
communities from different perspectives:
– Social/ Interactive TV, also concerned with the design of innovative
input devices for elderly persons. Here, the bandwidth is from easy-to-use
remote controls over intelligent furniture to other interactive devices in
the home, such as interactive picture frames.
– Social media for social support, such as online communities with special
focus on social support for the elderly.
– Social technologies supporting awareness as well as other technologies
such as smart environments, playful interaction technologies as well as
games supporting social interaction.

Contributions are welcomed on such topics as:
– Analysis and design of community systems fostering social interactions
in an ageing society.
– Ethnographic studies on people at home in an ageing society.
– Analysis and design of technology-supported environments at home such as
Social TV systems, SmartHomes and SmartFurnitures.
– Approaches to playful experiences and games for elderly or in
inter-generational environments.
– Design and evaluation of awareness support.
– Studies on appropriation within communities and home environments.
– Design of software contributing to formulate virtual inter/generational
– Living Lab and real-life, longitudinal oriented approaches to designing
and evaluating social systems.
– Usage studies of home-based social media applications by elderly people.

Submission and proceedings
Potential participants are requested to submit workshop papers (as either
2 page position papers or 6 page full papers) and short information on the
background of the authors (not more than 100 words).

Accepted full papers will be published in the workshop proceedings, an
issue of the International Reports on Socio-Informatics (IRSI).

Participants will be selected on the basis of the quality and relevance of
their papers, and the extent (and diversity) of their backgrounds in
design to foster an interdisciplinary participation (designers,
developers, psychologists, ethnographers, etc.) from both industry and

Submissions should be in DOC or RTF format based on the IRSI Reports /
ECSCW template accompanied by a PDF version and should be send to

After the workshop, a Special Issue of an international journal is planned
for long and updated versions of selected papers from both this year and
last years’workshop(s) (ECSCW 2009 and 2011). More information on this
special issue will be given during the workshop.

Important Dates
1st April 2012: Submission Deadline
17th April: Notification of acceptance
3rd May 2012: Camera-Ready Papers due
29th May 2012: Full day Workshop at Marseille, France

Further information
Website: http://fosible.eu/coop2012-workshop/
Contact: COOP2012-Workshop@fosible.eu<mailto:COOP2012-Workshop@fosible.eu>

Workshop organizers
Steffen Budweg, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Myriam Lewkowicz, Troyes University of Technology, France
Claudia Mueller, University of Siegen, Germany

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