ISMIR 2012

ISMIR 2012 welcomes submissions of musical works for selection and
possible inclusion in the conference’s concert program. We particularly
encourage works that explore the notion of music information in the widest
sense of the term. As the use of technology in music creation develops
across composition and performance practices, structured data plays an
increasingly important role in the processing of musical materials, their
analysis and their manifestation in a live environment. From the use of
timbral analysis in spectral music to the design of live improvisation
systems, the handling of information is critical to the role technology
plays in music.

The aim of ISMIR 2012 concert program is two-fold: to encourage the use of
Music Information Retrieval (MIR) techniques in the creation of new music
and to explore music that can suggest novel ideas for research in the MIR

The music program in the conference will be centered around two curated
concerts that will happen on October 9 (curated by Daniel Teruggi) and
October 10 (curated by François Pachet). Professional musicians will be
available to perform the pieces. An ensemble of world-class performers,
consisting of Piano, Violoncello, Double Bass, Clarinet, Saxophone and
Percussion. Information and bios of the performers is available at In order to better promote
the music program at ISMIR some funding may be available to help pay for
expenses regarding the presentation of musical works. This funding will be
given on a discretionary basis, and upon request.

Submitted musical works will go through a selection process by the
conference music chairs and music curators. Deadline for submission is May
14, 2012

More details on

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