SIGGRAPH Mobile 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles Convention Center, 5–9 August 2012
Deadline: May 1

Mobile graphics is growing at an incredible speed! Only a few years ago,
mobile devices were so limited in display capabilities and processing
power they were hardly considered a viable platform for computer graphics.
Today, smartphones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices with powerful
graphics hardware can easily run advanced games, productivity apps, and
multimedia presentations on large full-color screens. The mobile devices
in our pockets keep us connected to our friends, entertain us whenever we
have a spare minute, and help us find information when we most need it.
And they pack in additional features such as cameras, sensors and location
awareness that make the possibilities for new graphics experiences
practically endless.

SIGGRAPH Mobile is a new program at SIGGRAPH 2012. It will feature a
variety of activities during a full day of SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles.
SIGGRAPH Mobile is open to all kinds of participants, including industry,
media, art, academia, and more. Like many SIGGRAPH programs, it is
jury-reviewed to ensure the best quality experience for participants and
presenters. There are many different formats for presentation, from
single-speaker sessions to full-blown workshops and presentations.

At SIGGRAPH Mobile, we want to see the exciting things that are happening
in the field of mobile graphics and apps! Come and show your newest mobile
game, your amazing-augmented reality app, or your ass-kicking graphics
hardware! Share experiences on mobile development and design tools, how to
get to millions of users in the app stores, and how to harness the power
of social networking. If it is new, useful, or just plain cool, we want to
see it at SIGGRAPH 2012!

To ensure that all kinds of work can be shown and discussed, there are
four submission categories:
• Presentations are focused talks, typically by one speaker, on a single
topic, technology or result.
• Panels are multi-speaker presentations and discussions in a particular
• Workshops are hands-on tutorials on current mobile technologies and tools.
• Demonstrations of the latest and greatest mobile applications,
software, and hardware.

Submitters can select their presentation times and target different types
of SIGGRAPH audiences.

An international jury will judge all submissions according to quality,
novelty, diversity of topics, and relevance to the SIGGRAPH Mobile
program. To round out the program, the jury and the chair may invite
additional presentations. The jury includes Frank Bentley, Motorola
Research; Henriette Cramer, Mobile Life Centre @ SICS; Matt Jones, Swansea
University; Martin Körling, Ericsson Research; and Ronald van der Lingen,

We look forward to seeing you at SIGGRAPH 2012!

Lars Erik Holmquist, SIGGRAPH Mobile Chair

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