Third Workshop on Engineering Patterns for Multi-Touch Interfaces

Third Workshop on Engineering Patterns for Multi-Touch Interfaces
Workshop at Engineering Interactive Computing Systems 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark, June 25, 2012

Workshop Theme
Multi-touch gained a lot of interest in the last couple of years and the
increased availability of multi-touch enabled hardware boosted its
development. However, the current diversity of hardware, toolkits, and
tools for creating multi-touch interfaces has its downsides: there is
only little reusable material and no generally accepted body of
knowledge when it comes to the development of multi-touch interfaces.
This workshop series seeks a consensus on methods, approaches, toolkits,
and tools that aid in the engineering of multi-touch interfaces and
transcend the differences in available platforms.

The current body of work is mainly tailored toward a specific hardware
platform, or relies on platform specific toolkits. In contrast with
engineering WIMP (or single touch) interfaces, there is no established
work on transcending the diversity in hardware and software platforms.

We invite everyone involved in the design and development of multi-touch
interfaces, as well as tool builders and framework creators, to submit a
2-4 page position paper or 4-6 pages short paper in ACM publication
format [1]. A short paper describes experiences, ongoing work or results
related to the workshop’s topic. A position statement describes
requirements or issues the participant encounters when engineering
multi-touch interfaces, as well as desirable solutions from the author’s
point of view.

Papers are solicited on topics including, but not limited to:
– interface patterns for engineering multi-touch interfaces;
– design and development tools for multi-touch interaction;
– multi-touch architectural frameworks that transcend the variety of
– requirements for supporting the design and implementation of
multi-touch interfaces;
– experience reports on implementing multi-touch interfaces;
– best practices in building multi-touch interfaces;
– coping with differences in hardware touch detection, tracking
technology, form factor and display sizes and orientation;
– replacing traditional input on multi-touch (mouse, keyboard …).

Papers should include a short biography, describing the author’s
background, experience and accomplishments with multi-touch interface
engineering. We encourage providing an additional video demonstration
for short papers. If accepted, at least one author must register for the

To participate, please e-mail your paper to by
April 23, 2012. Participants will be notified by May 7, 2012.

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