MobileHCI 2012 Workshop – Mobility and Web Behavior (MWB 2012)


Held in conjunction with MobileHCI 2012
21st to 24th September, Bay Area, San Francisco

The goal of this full-day workshop is to investigate the notion of
mobility in the context of Web search and Web usage and to identify the
most promising research directions with respect to enriching future
mobility focused Web services. We aim to provide an interactive forum for
researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to exchange
insights into understanding and supporting mobility focused Web behaviors.

Recently, there has been a dramatic shift in what it means to be mobile.
In the past mobile was traditionally associated with on-the-move,
personal, portable and dynamic. Today, an increasing number of users are
accessing the mobile Web via their phone while in more stationary and
familiar settings like at home and at work as well as in more social
settings like in the presence of family and friends. And this shift is
having a huge impact on mobile Web behavior.

Designing great mobile Web experiences requires a deeper understanding of
the information needs, behaviors and underlying motivations of mobile
users. Given that the mobile world evolves rapidly, improving the online
experiences of mobile users is going to continue to be an interesting and
challenging research area for both industry and academia going forward. As
such the goal of this workshop is to investigate the current state of
mobility in the context of Web search and Web usage and identify the most
promising research directions with respect to enriching future Web
services that support mobility. Topics of interest to this workshop
include (but are not limited to) the following:

– Novel interactions for enriching mobile Web behaviors
– New interfaces for supporting mobile search and mobile browsing
– Location-based mobile search and local mobile search
– The impact of context on mobile Web usage
– Social mobile search and social mobile browsing
– User evaluations of mobile Web services
– Mobile query and Web log analysis studies
– Models of mobile search and mobile browsing behavior
– Innovative mobile search and browsing applications
– Tools to support mobile Web behaviors
– Guidelines on how to design, build, and evaluate new tools to support

Some of the questions we aim to address include:

– What web and search behaviors currently support mobility? Is it simply
“the Web” on a mobile device? Is it simply desktop search translated to
mobile phones?
– Context: How does context – home use; social settings etc – affect users
and their mobile Web usage?
– User Experience: What types of interfaces and interactions can enrich
Web services that support mobility?
– Tools: What tools exist to support mobile Web behaviors, and how do we
design, build, and evaluate new tools to support mobility?
– Current Research Agenda(s): What is the current focus of research within
this space? Do research trends differ between industry and academia and
can these two groups learn from the experiences of each other?
– Future Agenda(s): What will Web services that support mobility look like
in the next 5-10 years and how will our research drive this future?

Participants are invited to submit: (1) a short position or demo paper of
2 pages or (2) a technical paper of 6 pages in length, describing
significant work-in-progress, learning outcomes or late breaking results
in the mobile Web space. Papers should be in ACM Mobile HCI 2012 archive
format and should be submitted electronically as a PDF via EasyChair by
May 25th, 2012.

Papers will be peer reviewed by an external program committee and
selections will be based on contribution, relevance, and likelihood of
provoking discussion. The program committee will nominate a best paper,
which will be included in a special issue of the International Journal of
Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI).

Note that at least one author of accepted papers needs to register and
attend the workshop.

EasyChair workshop website:

Important Dates
25th May 2012: Deadline for submissions
29th June 2012: Notification to authors
21st September 2012: Workshop date

Further details are available from the workshop website at:

Any questions, please email Karen Church:

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