Workshop on The Car as Arena for Gaming @ MobileHCI’12

The Car as an Arena for Gaming
Workshop at MobileHCI 2012, San Francisco, CA, September 21, 2012

Key dates:
Position Paper Submission Deadline: May 25th 2012
Notification on Position Papers: June 29th 2012
Workshop Date: September 21 2012

The car is such a cool, somewhat unique place to be. Gaming in cars, for
safety reasons, cannot be like gaming at home though, but also not
should be. But gaming in cars has the potential, of making use of all
the cool properties of the car itself, the practices of driving, and of
driving as a socially shared experience.

For this one day workshop we aim to gather both practitioners and
academics to work out the possibilities and challenges of this design
space that to our experience has been slightly forgotten about since
Juhlin and colleagues excellent work on the Backseat Playground system
(presented in e.g. Juhlin, O. (2011) Social Media on the Road: Mobile
Technologies and Future Traffic Research. IEEE Multimedia.).

As far as possible we aim to create an interactive session where some of
the contributions perhaps can be experienced by the other participants.
We understand how it might be hard to bring some of the games (as they
might be complex set ups of hw and sw), still we hope a few participants
will be able to do so. If not, we will encourage mock-ups, videos or
some other form of engaging presentation.

To participate: please submit one of the following by May 25th, 2012 to

1) a 800-1000 word position paper that describes a key concern for HCI
regarding this design space of seeing the car as an arena for gaming.

2) an URL linking to digital documentation of a game, artifact, tool or
service that offers a particular view on gaming and driving.

Submissions will be accepted based on originality, quality, reflection
on the design space and how well they represent a range of ideas.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
– in-car gaming
– or driving or traffic as a social experience
– the car or driving or traffic as a design space for gaming
– passengers or children in various car related activities
– safe driving in relation car gaming
– learnings from game research or the game industry relevant for the topic

We look forward to your contribution!

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