International Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia (ACM MM12)

International Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia
In conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2012 29 Oct – 2 Nov 2012, Nara, Japan

Aims and Scope

Multimedia social communication is filtering into everyday use. Videoconferencing is appearing in the living room and beyond (e.g., FaceTime, SkypeTV, Umi), television is becoming smart and social (e.g., Boxee, GoogleTV, GetGlue), and media sharing applications are transforming the way we converse and recall events (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). The confluence of computer-mediated interaction, social networking, and multimedia are radically reshaping social communications, bringing new challenges and opportunities. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore socially-aware multimedia, in which the social dimension of mediated interactions between people are considered as important as the characteristics of the media content.

Even though this social dimension is implicitly addressed in some current solutions, further research is needed to better understand what makes a good socially aware application. In other words, social interactivity needs to become a first class citizen of multimedia research. Relevant insights can be found within a number of disciplines such as multimedia research, human-computer interaction, and sociology. In particular, multimedia research provides quantitative metrics regarding multimedia objects (e.g., precision and recall) and multimedia systems (e.g., delay, jitter).

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research incorporates both quantitative metrics and qualitative understanding regarding human perception (e.g., quality of experience); and sociology and communication science provide a better understanding about motivations and collective group behaviour (e.g., conversational and interaction patterns, strength of interpersonal ties) We are soliciting high quality submissions to present new and daring ideas, question established paradigms and unwritten rules, and introduce new and original research directions.

Elizabeth F. Churchill, Executive VP of ACM SIGCHI & Yahoo! Research
Hari Sundaram, Arizona State University

Topics of Interest

Topics include, but are not limited to:
–Interactive end-to-end systems
–Multimedia modelling (in particular for social interaction and shared experiences) –Socially-Aware multimedia content analysis
–Collaborative authoring of videos and multimedia sharing
–Social interaction theories and metrics
–Field trials and user studies of multimedia applications
–Micro-Blogging and multimedia information retrieval
–Distributed peer synchronization and consumption
–Multimedia-Enabled social networking

Paper Submission

Papers covering original material should be at most 6 pages long (in PDF format) prepared in the ACM style and written in English. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by at least 3 members of the program committee. Each paper will be evaluated based on the relevance, novelty, and scientific contribution. The workshop proceedings will be printed by ACM and indexed in the ACM DL. Your manuscript must be submitted in appropriate format using the ACM Multimedia submission website at:

Important Dates
— Paper submission deadline: June 19, 2012
— Notification of acceptance: July 24, 2012
— Camera-ready manuscript: August 8, 2012

For further queries and extra information, please contact us at

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