The ACM 3rd International Symposium on Facial Analysis and Animation

Museum of Young Art, Vienna. September 21st, 2012

Important Dates:
13th July 2012: Deadline for extended abstract submission
17th August 2012: Notification of acceptance
7th September 2012: Camera ready abstracts

Confirmed Speakers:
Mark Pauly, EPFL
Jorn Ostermann, TNT

Facial animation is a broad and exciting area of research drawing on
multiple disciplines: computer graphics and animation provide the
means to render and display a face, computer vision can be used to
measure, interpret and decode facial actions, while psychology can
help provide the emotive human element of animation. However, creating
convincing facial animation is an exceptionally difficult task – each
one of us is an expert judge in deciding whether an animation is
realistic or not. In today’s world, facial animation has more
applications than ever before: from video game characters to movie
actor doubles, from machine facial displays to psychological research

Following on from the success of FAA 2009 (, and FAA 2010 (, we are pleased to
announce a call for submissions for FAA 2012, in cooperation with ACM.
The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers and
practitioners from both academia and industry – particularly in VFX
and games – interested in all aspects of facial animation and related
analysis. Submissions are invited in the following broad topic areas:

•        Acquisition of Facial Shape, Motion and Texture
•        Performance Driven Animation and Expression Mapping
•        Facial animation using Example Based Synthesis and Motion Graph
based techniques
•        Facial Animation Production Pipelines
•        Visual Speech Synthesis
•        Animation of Non-Linguistic Behaviors and Vocalisations
•        Perception of Facial Animation and the “Uncanny Valley”
•        Facial Rendering (Photorealistic and Non-Photorealistic)
•        Virtual Characters for Telepresence / Embodied Virtual Agents
•        Facial Model Based Coding and Compression
•        Facial Analysis and Animation for Mobile Applications

Research should be submitted as a 1 page extended abstract using the
SIGGRAPH formatting guidelines (see LaTeX and BibTeX class files following the “acmsiggraph” convention
may be downloaded from ( An example submission may be found at

Submissions do not need to be anonymous. Contributions should
submitted following instructions on the FAA 2012 website. Authors of
accepted submissions will have their work appear in the ACM Digital
Library ( The program on the day will
consist of both oral and poster presentations, including invited
keynote talks from leading international experts.

Chairs: Darren Cosker (Uni. of Bath), Michael Pucher (FTW), Gregor
Hofer (FTW), Michael Berger (Uni. of Edinburgh) and Will Smith (Uni.
of York).

For general inquiries regarding FAA, including contact information for
the organisers, please visit:

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