NordiCHI Workshop on UX Goals in Design

2nd Call for participation
NordiCHI 2012 Workshop on UX Goals: “How to Utilize User Experience
Goals in Design?”
October 14th, 2012: Copenhagen, Denmark
In conjunction with NordiCHI2012 (
Workshop web site:

Deadline for submissions (3-6 page position papers): August 10th, 2012.

How to facilitate designing for user experience? To design technology
that is capable of enabling, promoting and/or demonstrating specific
user experience we see it important to set experiential goals for the
design. Such goal setting approach is receiving increasing attention as
an approach in design and development of interactive systems – not only
in relation to everyday consumer technology, but also in work related
systems. This full-day workshop aims to bring together practitioners and
academics to share knowledge and lessons learned on how to identify,
define, use and draw inspiration from user experience goals throughout
the design and development process.

The questions driving the workshop include:
– What constitutes a good UX goal? What aspects affect the suitability
and use of UX goals in different design cases and phases?
– How UX goals can be identified and framed? How to involve users or
other stakeholders in defining the UX goals?
-How to make use of the UX goals in various design and development
-What is the potential and what are the limitations of the UX goal
setting approach?
-How to make using UX goals as an approach suitable and useful for
design and development practices and what is the related research

Topics of interest for position papers:
– Case studies, or practical examples of projects or products that have
utilized UX goals or experience-centered design drivers
-Approaches, methods, and techniques that make use of UX goals or
experiential design drivers in design and evaluation
-Theoretical considerations on UX goals and experience-centered design
-Accounts on challenges and issues that emerge when using UX goals in
design and development
We invite researchers, designers, and UX practitioners interested in
the workshop themes to participate in the workshop.

More information on the UX Goals Workshop:

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