NordiCHI’12 WS: Designing Interactive Technology for Teens

Call for Participation
Teenagers are a unique but little studied user group for Interaction
Design. The theme of this workshop is to investigate designing in the
space occupied by those aged around 13 to 17, the population of
teenagers who are undergoing significant changes mentally, physically
and psychologically.

This half-day workshop aims to bring together practitioners and
academics (designers, ethnographers, psychologists, developers, games
developers, usability personnel) to share knowledge and explore:

– What is known about gathering requirements from teens?
– What is known about deigning with this age group?
– What is known about evaluating with teens?

Participation is by a 2 / 4 page paper in the CHI extended abstracts
format aligned with the three questions detailed above. Participants are
encouraged (but not required) to consider using, or extending, the
teenage personas found at in their work.

Submission instructions
To participate in this workshop at NordiCHI 2012, please submit a 2-4
page paper describing, for example, your cases, projects, findings,
approaches, lessons learned, methods, designs, theoretical
considerations, challenges or other issues relevant to the themes of the

– Deadline for submissions: August 31st, 2012
– Notification of acceptance: September 9th, 2012

Accepted papers will be published in a compiled pdf publication, a
themed special edition journal will be developed after the workshop.

Please submit the papers by email to

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