Haptic and Audio Interaction Design 2013 (HAID’13)

Haptic and Audio Interaction Design 2013 (HAID’13)
18rd-19th April 2013, Daejeon, Korea
Held in conjunction with IEEE WorldHaptics 2013

18th Jan 2013, 23:59 PST 2013: Papers
22nd Feb 2013, 23:59 PST 2013: Posters and Demos
14th-17th April: WorldHaptics conference in Daejeon, Korea
18th-19th April: HAID’13 in Daejeon, Korea

Now in its 8th year, HAID is the premier venue for cutting-edge
research on human-computer interaction through touch and sound. HAID’13
invites paper and poster submissions from all related disciplines and on
all aspects of non-visual interaction design. We anticipate that
accepted papers will be published in the Springer LNCS journal series.
We are very pleased to host HAID’13 (http://www.haid-conf.org) in
conjunction with WorldHaptics 2013 (http://www.haptics2013.org/).
Registration packages to facilitate and combine attendance at both
events will be available.

HAID’13 invites researchers and practitioners to submit, discuss and
exchange design ideas and research findings on a wide range of topics
spanning appropriate, effective and esoteric use of haptics and audio in
interaction design. How can we design effective haptic, audio and
multimodal interfaces? In what new application areas can we apply these
techniques? Are there design methods that are useful? Or evaluation
techniques that are particularly appropriate? Non-visual interaction is
a challenging field and a growing area both in research and in
commercial application and HAID’13 will provide a forum for discussion
and dissemination of the latest findings, approaches and case studies.
HAID’13 especially welcomes submissions relating to mobile haptic and
audio interaction and those which go beyond lab-work to apply techniques
to real world settings.

HAID’13 is a direct successor to the successful workshop series
inaugurated in Glasgow in 2006 and subsequently held in Seoul (2007),
Jyväskylä (2008), Dresden (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Kyoto (2011) and
Lund (2012). The aim of HAID’13 is to bring together researchers and
practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and
audio modalities can be used together in human computer interaction.

We invite your papers, posters, demonstrations and exhibits/design
cases on these topics, and look forward to seeing you in Daejeon in
April 2013!

Theoretical, empirical and design contributions are welcomed in (but
not limited to) the following areas:

– Novel haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces and interactions

– Evaluating multimodal interactions, especially in real contexts

– Design principles for multimodal user-interfaces
– Multimodal visualisations
– Affective roles of haptics and audio in interaction
– Cross-modal interactions
– Auditory and haptic displays for visually impaired people
– Safety critical multimodal applications (monitoring, controlling,
– Designing haptics and audio for touch screens
– Multimodal gaming and entertainment
– Interaction in physical exercise
– Collaborative multimodal systems
– Mobile multimodal interactions
– Emulation and simulation of real world with audio-haptic design

– Novel systems and interactions using other modalities (e.g. taste,

Papers must present original material and will be reviewed rigorously
by at least three reviewers in a double-blind process. Papers in all
areas will be assessed on their contribution to the field. Papers are
due 18th Jan 2013 and reviews will be returned 18th February. Papers
should be a maximum of 10 pages long in Springer LNCS format.

Poster and demos should present brief but complete descriptions of
original material that is at an early stage of development, that is
work-in-progress or that is more suited to a practical hands-on
demonstration format. All submissions will be subject to a rapid review
process to ensure quality. Posters and demos are due 22nd February 2013
and reviews will be returned on March 15th 2013. Submissions should be a
maximum of 2 pages long in ACM SIGCHI format.

We anticipate the workshop proceedings will be published by Springer in
their LNCS journal series.

HAID’13 will take place in Daejeon, Korea in conjunction with IEEE
WorldHaptics 2013 (http://www.haptics2013.org/). HAID will run
immediately after the WorldHaptics conference and registration packages
will be available to facilitate attending both events. HAID’13 will be
hosted at the Daejeon Conference Centre, a modern, professional and
fully equipped conference venue. Daejeon is a relatively small and
easily navigable city and the home of KAIST, one of Korea’s top
universities. Daejeon has a rich and excellent local cuisine, provides
easy access to the countryside and enjoys excellent transportation links
via regular KTX bullet trains to Seoul (1 hour), Busan (2 hours) and
many other destinations on the peninsula.

General Chair:
Stephen Brewster, University of Glasgow, UK

Paper Co-Chairs:
Hong Tan, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China
Ian Oakley, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea

Poster Co-Chairs:
Andrea Bianchi, SungkyunKwan University, Suwon, Korea
Darren Edge, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China

email: info@haid-conf.org

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