Methods of Working with Teenagers in Interaction Design (CHI2013)

Methods of Working with Teenagers in Interaction Design

CHI2013 – Workshop
Call for Participation

Teenagers are a unique but little studied user group for Interaction
Design. Current literature on methodologies for research with children
predominantly focuses on work with younger age groups providing a gap
between this and research with adults. The aim of this workshop is to
bring together novel methods that have been created for research with
teenagers, refine and develop these methods, create new methods, and
look for collaborations to grow the literature in this area.

Workshop Submissions

We are inviting contributions in the following areas:

– Explorations and evaluations of adaptions made to methods that are
designed for children or adults
– New methods that have been tried out and tested with teenage
– Methods for engaging with teenagers in away from school contexts
– Studies and cases where research with teenagers has thrown new
insights into how best to work with this group

Submission Details

Authors are asked to submit a 4 page case study in the CHI extended
abstracts format to by 1st February, 2012. A short
biography of the author(s) attending the workshop needs to be included
(100-150 words). If accepted, at least one author must register for the
workshop and for at least one day of the conference. The Workshop
organizers may decide to cap the number of attendees per accepted
position paper. Papers will also be compiled on the workshop website.

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