Workshop on Motherhood and HCI (CHI 2013)

Call for Participation: CHI 2013 Workshop on Motherhood and HCI
Important Dates
11 January 201318 January 2013: Workshop Submission Deadline
8 February 2013: Notification of Acceptance
27/ 28 April 2013: Workshop held in Paris, France

Becoming a mother and the experience of being a mother are increasingly
influenced, mediated and invaded by technology and digital interactions.
We invite the CHI community to grow and nurture the emerging topic of
motherhood and HCI and explore how the lens of “motherhood” changes
implications for design, development, and notions of care through
participation in the CHI 2013 workshop “Motherhood and HCI”
( This one-day workshop will
address research and design issues relating to technology use associated
with the processes and experiences of conception, pregnancy and
infertility, labour, childcare and the mother’s work in the family and
home. Topics include (but are not limited to) the experience of
motherhood, technologies for supporting mothers, and perspectives on the
role of the mother, as well as everyday practices relating to technology
and motherhood.
We invite non-mothers,mothers and mothers-to-be to participate in our
workshop through the submission of a 2-page position paper in CHI Extended
Abstracts format that describes the authors experience engaging with a
specific theme, or challenge involved with designing, using, or evaluating
technologies that relate to the concept or experience of “motherhood”. We
positively encourage submissions from a diverse range of participants,
perspectives and disciplines. We also encourage active participation from
industries already engaged in the design and development of technologies
for motherhood. Submissions will be selected based on their originality,
quality and ability to promote discussion amongst the community.
Submissions and questions should be directed to<>. More details
can be found at: At least one
author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop. Please submit your
position paper by Friday 11th January 2013.
Workshop Organisers
Madeline Balaam, Newcastle University
Judy Robertson, Heriot-Watt University
Rebecca Say, Newcastle University
Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Vienna University of Technology
Gillian Hayes, UC Irvine
Melissa Mazmanian, UC Irvine
Belinda Parmar,

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