The First International Symposium of Chinese CHI 2013

Call for Papers – The First International Symposium of Chinese CHI 2013 (Chinese CHI 2013)

28 April (Sunday), 2013 Paris, France
Co-located with ACM SIGCHI 2013

Paper Submission Deadline: 14 January, 2013 Chinese CHI 2013 will be held on April 28th, 2013, co-located with SIGCHI’13 in Paris, France. Chinese CHI 2013 invites submissions of the following types:

· Overview paper
· Exploratory paper
· PhD thesis proposal

Details are given in the sections below.

Overview Paper Submission
To encourage interaction among researchers, we invite overview papers.
An overview paper can be either about a particular lab, or about a particular sub-area of HCI.

Exploratory Papers Submission

We encourage the submission of exploration papers for oral presentation. The purpose of exploration paper is to discuss promising future research directions in HCI and to encourage idea exchanges and collaboration. Exploration paper can be in many forms. One may want to highlight the top problems a particular field needs to address. For example, one can highlight the top problems the field of information visualization needs to address. Or, it can be a visionary paper that discusses a future trend in HCI and how we can better prepare for such trend.

PhD Thesis Proposals Submission

We encourage the submission of PhD thesis proposal papers for oral presentation. The purpose of PhD thesis proposal is to allow PhD student to present a potential or initial PhD topic to other experienced researchers and to receive feedback and suggestions.

Submission format
A paper should be limited to 2 pages in length, prepared in the ACM
SIGCHI format, and submitted as a “camera ready” PDF file (only) with full
author names and affiliations (reviews are not blind). Include supplemental pictures and/or video if appropriate and possible. Videos should be MPEG4 format (DivX 6.0 is encouraged).

Further instructions are available via the Online Submission System at
the symposium website:


Deadline for camera-ready posters: January 14th, 2013 (midnight Beijing
Notification: January 28th, 2013

We will ask authors to commit to personally attend the
symposium to present accepted overview papers, or to arrange for a suitable replacement presenter.Since we have limited time slots for presentation, paper submissions not accepted for a full oral presentation will be offered the opportunity for a madness presentation.

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