Crafting Interactive Systems: Learning from Digital Art Practice

CHI 2013 Workshop — Crafting Interactive Systems: Learning from
Digital Art Practice
Palais de Congrès de Paris, France
April 27th, 2013

Key Dates:
• Submission by: January 18th, 2013
• Notification of Acceptance: February 8th, 2013
• Workshop days: April 27th, 2013

To create digital art, skillsets from a variety of disciplines are
combined to form a finished aesthetic product. This workshop will bring
together participants from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds,
including art, music, design, and engineering to explore how the
technological aspects of digital art function not merely in service to
artistic considerations but rather, have creative and communicative
value in their own right. We will discuss how explicit valuation of
technical process in interdisciplinary design helps enrich the
experience of digital art creation, and explore how technology itself is
and can be aestheticized in digital art practice.

We invite participants to submit  2-4 page position papers tackling
subjects relevant to the discussion of technical process and
technological innovation in digital art practice, including, but not
limited to, the following topics:

• Reflection on how technological innovation has informed one’s own
digital art practice

• Case studies exploring good and bad practice in interdisciplinary

• Aestheticizing technology in digital art creation and design

• Integration of ‘technical’ and ‘creative’ skillsets in HCI and design

In addition to submissions from the CHI research community, we also
welcome and encourage participation from artists and practitioners.

Submissions should be sent in CHI Extended Abstract format to

A committee of experts in the aforementioned topics will review
position papers. At least one author of each accepted submission must
register for the workshop and at least one day of the main CHI

For more information, please visit the workshop website at

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI
2013) website can be found at

CHI Extended Abstract formatting instructions can be found at

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