CHI 2013 Workshop on Designing Social Media for Change

CHI 2013 Workshop on Designing Social Media for Change – Call for
April 27, 2013
Paris, France

2-4 Page Extended Abstracts Due: January 7, 2013

Social media technologies are becoming ubiquitous.  They include:
online social networking sites such as Facebook, microblogging services
such as Twitter, internet forums, collaborative projects such as
wikipedia, content sharing communities such as YouTube and Flickr,
social games, and blogs.

HCI researchers are contributing to a deeper understanding of this fast
growing trend. In particular, we have been developing new theories,
strategies and design guidelines to explore the design of social media
for change in areas including healthy living, collective action,
environmental sustainability and education to name a few. This workshop
provides a forum to discuss the latest research developments related to
how social media can be used to change human behavior from an HCI

We invite designers and behavioral scientists working on topics related
to social media and its relationship to human behavior to submit a
position paper (2 to 4 pages) in the ACM Extended Abstract Format
(  Papers will be peer-reviewed.
Approximately 15 will be selected by relevance and likelihood of
stimulating and contributing to this discussion. Email your paper in PDF
format to with subject “CHI 2013 Workshop” by January
7, 2013.

Please note at least one author of each accepted paper must register
for the workshop and one or more days of the conference.

The submission can be include:
– ongoing work,
– study methods,
– perspective on social media as a change agent,  or
– understanding how social media is (or if it is) propelling action.

Various aspects of this area can be explored in the submissions:
1. Design of social media – How should social media technologies be
designed to influence human behaviour?
2. Better understanding human behaviour – How and why do users adopt
new offline behaviour through participation in social media?
3. Looking at evaluation methodologies – How do we evaluate the
influence of social media on human behaviour and control for confounding

We will use the time during the workshop to discuss the accepted papers
in order to prepare for a special issue journal submission on the topic.

– 2-4 page position papers are due January 7 2013
– These papers should be in extended abstract format
– Submit paper to Noreen Kamal via email with
subject “CHI 2013 Workshop”
– Notification of acceptance will be emailed to all key contact via
email on (or before) February 4, 2013
– At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the
workshop and one or more days of the conference.

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