Designing Experiences for Facilitating Positive Behaviour Change

Designing Experiences for Facilitating Positive Behaviour Change
Parallel Session at HCI International 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada, 21-26

This Parallel Session aims to bring together a multidisciplinary set of
researchers and industry professionals interested in behavior change
theory. The session is part of the conference’s thematic area Design,
User Experience and Usability.

We invite contributions that explore how experiences can be designed to
facilitate positive behavior change. Papers may be related to physical
health, mental well-being, exercise, social activities, rehabilitation
after illness or stress, ageing, and generally living in an independent,
sustainable way.

The inclusion of visually driven content alongside the paper is highly
encouraged, e.g. short videos that document experience or interaction
design, storyboards and diagrams. The session will attempt to balance
theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers. Mixed methods papers are
particularly encouraged.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

1) The intersection of behavior change theory and user experience, e.g.
– applying traditional theories in the era of innovative experience
– design heuristics for health behavior change experiences;
– low-touch/high-touch design approaches in longitudinal experiences

2) Innovative design workflows for behavior change products, e.g.
– methodologies for evaluating interactive entertainment for behavior
– case studies of designed experiences for behavior change;
– location-specific, and/or population-specific experience design for
behavior change

3) Emerging opportunities for behavioral intervention with “always on”
devices, e.g.
– mHealth
– structural health monitoring
– push notifications, reminders and recommender systems

4) New directions in the design of experiences for behavior change,
– inspired by neuroscience, bio-informatics, nanotechnology
– serious game approaches
– social network / community based approaches

Please contact Marc Fabri ( if you are
interested in submitting an extended abstract. Marc will then send you a
personal invite through the conference CMS.

Extended abstracts (2-4 pages) for peer review are due 12 October 2012.
Accepted full papers (6-10 pages) are due 1 February 2013.


Marc Fabri, Leeds Metropolitan University
UK Marientina Gotsis, University of Southern California, USA

For full details see session website

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