MobileHCI 2013 Posters, Demos, Design Competition


We invite researchers and practitioners to submit their work to the
poster category of MobileHCI 2013.

Work that is best suited for a poster submission includes — but is not
limited to — preliminary results, provoking topics, novel experiences
or interactions that have not been fully tested but show great
promise, summaries of small-scale studies, design explorations etc.
Posters provide the opportunity for researchers to get feedback on
early-stage work, discuss potential collaborations and discuss the
burning issues in MobileHCI in an informal manner with the larger
MobileHCI community.

Important Dates:

May 8, 2013: Posters Deadline
June 10, 2013: Posters Notification
June 24, 2013: Camera Ready


Demos and Experiences

The MobileHCI 2013 Demonstration and Experiences track provides a
space for researchers and practitioners to bring hands-on experiences
to conference attendees. We want to see and try your prototypes,
services, devices, systems and any innovative examples of mobile
experiences or interactions!

We encourage making your demonstration visually or otherwise appealing
and presenting it in an innovative way, to attract the participation
of attendees.

Demos will be highlighted at a conference Demo Reception and during
Important Dates:

May 8, 2013: Demos Deadline
June 10, 2013: Demos Notification
June 24, 2013: Camera Ready


Design Competition

An increasing number of participants at MobileHCI are designers.
However, we understand the conventional conference publication formats
do not necessarily do justice to the ingenious design talents. Design
Competition is a special track to allow designers in both industry and
academia to shine with their brilliance in front of the MobileHCI
community. The selected entrants will be given a chance to present
their work at the conference in front of jury members and all
conference attendees. This year, we want to highlight the importance
of prototyping and evaluating in the real context in the submission
and presentation, hopefully for the community to have a chance to
showcase and compare various practices.

The door is open to everyone – students or professionals. If you are a
confident designer, but never had a chance to present at MobileHCI,
then this is a perfect challenge for you. If you plan to attend the
conference anyway, you may enrich your attendance with an activity
other than presenting or listening to talks. This year, we want to get
a bit more practical than just a poster. This isn’t a place for the
overflow of papers, this requires a new approach to Mobile HCI
submissions. If you’re a hands-on, practical designer who loves to
prototype, this one’s for you! We welcome innovative ideas with the
potential to shape the future of mobile Human Computer Interaction.
We’d like you to demonstrate your capability beyond the traditional
usability and static user interface design and showcase the importance
of understanding the daily context and the use of mobile devices and
services to add value to everyday life.

Important Dates:

May 1, 2013: Submission of Idea Documentation
June 1, 2013: Notification of Acceptance
July 1, 2013: Camera Ready Deadline

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