Usable Privacy and Security of Mobile Devices (U-PriSM 2)

Call For Participation:
Paper submission deadline: May 10, 2013 5pm PST

The workshop, which is co-located with MobileHCI 2013, seeks two types
of original submissions: (1) short papers describing new research outcomes
and (2) position papers describing new research challenges and worthy
topics to discuss in all areas of usable privacy and security of mobile devices.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

User authentication on mobile devices
Permission management for applications
Secure mobile payment
Security indicators and features for mobile web browsing
Do-not-track on mobile devices
Protecting location privacy of mobile users
Physical security of mobile devices (against loss or theft)
New security or privacy functionality and design for mobile devices
User testing of mobile security or privacy features
Lessons learned from deployment of mobile security or privacy features
Comparisons of usable privacy or security features between mobile

The best paper, as chosen by the organizers, will be included in a
Special Issue of the International Journal of Mobile HCI (IJMHCI).

We solicit papers describing research results, work in progress, and
practitioner/industry or experience reports focused on any workshop
topic. Papers should describe the purpose and goals of the work, cite related
work, and clearly state the (expected) contributions to the field
(innovation, lessons learned). Work in progress is encouraged to provide
participants a chance to receive feedback and discuss ideas during the workshop.

We also encourage position papers presenting an arguable opinion about
an issue. A position paper may include new ideas or discussions of topics
at various stages of completeness. Position papers that present
speculative or creative out-of-the-box ideas are welcome and encouraged. While
completed work is not required, position papers should still provide reasonable
evidence to support their claims.

The full-day workshop will be divided into several sessions consisting
of brief presentations followed by group discussion and feedback from the
audience. Presentations and themes will be chosen from among the
submissions received, with the intention of including those that have higher
potential for interactive discussion and participation from the audience. At
least one author of accepted papers needs to register for the workshop and for
the MobileHCI conference itself.

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