Prototype Turn, Workshop at ACM Creative & Cognition

ACM Creative & Cognition 2013 Workshop
Sydney, Australia
June 17, 2013

From citizen science to critical design and the “maker” movement we are witnessing a “prototype turn” that emphasizes collaborative and open design practices that challenge and redefine the existing social, political, and technical limits (of software and hardware). In recent years, design trends in technological platforms have widely applied concepts such as quantified self, gamification, DIY/maker culture, highlighting and in many cases, advocating open access and (re-)use of data. However, this emphasis towards “openness” is not without problems and drawbacks.

This workshop will bring together scholars, researchers, and
practitioners interested in emergent and critical perspectives related
to open data across diverse fields from science to arts. The workshop
will serve as an active forum to discuss a diverse set of perspectives
in order to examine and interrogate the notion of “openness” by looking
at specific cases and related social, cultural, political, and
technological phenomena surrounding the open access to and (re-)use of

The specific goals of this workshop are to:

– Document the emerging and fast evolving space of communities focused
around open approaches towards data

– Reflect upon specific instances of open data practices and uses that
would benefit from critical thinking around the ‘open ethics’

– Produce a toolkit that helps develop practical and critical strengths
for new open data projects.

Participants will be asked to present their papers in this half-day
workshop and we will also archive everyone’s papers on the workshop’s
website. In the second half of the workshop, we will prepare datasets
from existing projects and ask the diverse groups to work together to
develop potential kits and tools for stakeholders and communities to
deliberate upon the use of open data. These kits and tools will provide
the users with pragmatic, as well as critical/theoretical,
considerations when working with open data. Participants will present
their prototypes and ideas after which we will discuss the results and
plan future events and dissemination of output from the workshop.
Please submit a 2 – 3 page position statement, which includes the

– Description of your current project or applications that are related
to the open approach towards the use and reuse of data.

– Questions about how theoretical and critical perspectives would
inform your own project.

– Ideas or speculations about the trajectory of open ethics in your
field of expertise.

– A short biography of the author wishing to attend the workshop
(100-150 words).

Applications should be single-authored. We highly encourage teamwork on
the day, but would like social interaction, idea iteration, and group
formation at the event. We ask participants to submit their applications
to by May 16th, 2013

Jude Yew, National University of Singapore
Denisa Kera, National University of Singapore
Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Andreas Schlegel, Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore

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