Touch Me – Haptic Evaluation Methods For Emotional Experiences

Full-day workshop at the Mensch & Computer-conference 2013 held in
Bremen, Germany (
from 8-11th of September 2013.

Submission deadline: May, 24th, 2013, to<>
Notification: June, 26th, 2013
Submission format: 2-4 page position papers, formatted according to
Mensch & Computer-format (anonymized).

We plan to explore, discuss and collect ideas on haptic materials for
evaluating users’ emotional experiences with interactive systems. Haptic
evaluation materials allow for a qualitative, playful and holistic
evaluation of emotional factors – without interfering with the users’
personal experience during interaction. This provides a tactile
enhancement to classical visual or verbal-based evaluation methods and
therefore includes users and participants with special needs that
otherwise could face difficulties expressing their experience

There are various methods for evaluating emotional experiences of users
interacting with systems, e.g. emotion questionnaires, interviews and
physiological measures. Most of these methods only rely on visual or
verbal stimuli, do not capture emotion in a holistic way or are too
invasive (e.g. physiological measures), interrupt the experiences of
users or face other shortcomings (e.g. exclude blind, illiterate or
users with lower cognitive abilities).

We call for submissions of 2-4 page position papers (in English) in the
Mensch & Computer-format with ideas, possibilities, limitations and
possible study setups on haptic materials for evaluating emotional
experiences. Submissions will be collected and reviewed. Please find
further information on the subject and the workshop on:
For submissions and related questions please contact<>.


Manfred Tscheligi
ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg

Marc Busch, Stephanie Deutsch, Susanne Schmehl, Christina Hochleitner,
Georgine Beranek
CURE – Center for Usability Research & Engineering

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