OZCHI 2013

OZCH 2013 – Adelaide, Australia – 25-29 November 2013 – http://www.ozchi.org

OzCHI is Australia’s leading forum for work in all areas of Human-Computer
Interaction. OzCHI also attracts an international community of
practitioners, researchers, academics and students from a wide range of
disciplines including user experience designers, information architects,
software engineers, human factors experts, information systems analysts,
social scientists and managers. We also welcome perspectives from design,
architecture engineering, planning, social science and creative industries
among other disciplines.

OzCHI conference proceedings are published by the ACM. We invite original
contributions on all topics related to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
including practical, technical, methodological, empirical and theoretical
aspects. The conference theme, “Augmentation, Application, Innovation,
Collaboration”, reflects a variety of technical and social challenges in
designing and deploying human-centred computer applications through
augmenting our daily lives with innovative interaction and collaboration

Keynote Speaker: Kenton O’Hara, Microsoft Research Cambridge,


Dates for Submission: Long Papers *24th June 2013*
Dates for Submission: Short Papers *2nd September 2013*

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