Full and Short Papers for ACM DIS 2014

Designing Interactive Systems 2014
Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 21-25, 2014

January 19, 2014, 11:59 pm PT: Submission deadline
February 28, 2014: Review deadline
March 17, 2014: Author notification
April 13, 2014, 5:00 pm PT: Camera ready deadline for accepted papers

The ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) is the
premier, international arena where designers, artists, psychologists,
user experience researchers, systems engineers and many more come
together to debate and shape the future of interactive systems research,
design, and practice.

The theme of the conference is “Crafting Design.” We see the confluence
of phenomena that may constitute new approaches and new foci in HCI and
interaction design. The re-emergence of hand skills is evident in the
development of multi-touch and full body interfaces. DIY and Maker
cultures have become a widespread phenomenon in which craftsmanship of
the maker matters. Wearable computing revisits the use of traditional
craft in new way and the (technologically) self-constructed self is
another kind of democratic craft. Documentations of the self where we
create enduring records of everything from social encounters to our
heart-rates become designed vehicles for abstract mirrors of the self.

DIS 2014 will be held in the beautiful, dynamic, and international city
of Vancouver, located on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. DIS
2014 will be hosted by a collaboration of the Simon Fraser University’s
Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, the School of Interactive
Arts + Technology, the Interaction Design Research Centre, and Virginia
Tech’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

DIS 2014 is an interdisciplinary conference, encompassing all issues
related to the design and deployment of interactive systems. We reflect
this broad engagement with the field by encouraging submissions that
consider the following, from a broad range of researchers and
practitioners within the field of interactive systems design research
and practice:

– Design Theory, Methods, and Critical Perspectives: Methods, tools,
and techniques for engaging people; researching, designing, and
co-designing interactive systems; the use of critical and cultural
theory to understand, critique, and reflect on design products and
contexts as well as design practices.

– Experience: Places, temporality, people, communities, events,
phenomena, aesthetics, user experience, usability, engagement,
empowerment, well-being, designing things that matter, diversity,
participation, materiality, making

– Application Domains: Health, ICT4D, children-computer interaction,
sustainability, games/entertainment computing, digital arts, new media

– Technological Innovation (systems, tools, and/or artifact designs):
Sensors and actuators, mobile devices, novel artifact design, hybrid
materials and surfaces, bio-electric systems, multi touch and touchless
interaction, social media, personal, community, and public displays

Full and short papers published at DIS 2014 are ACM archival
publications and represent a significant contribution to the field of
interactive systems design, research and practice. DIS 2014 is a
prestigious conference which makes competition between submissions high,
so submit your best work to this venue.

Full submission instructions can be found on the conference website:

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