“Touch me” – Workshop on Tactile User Experience Evaluation Methods (CHI 2014 Workshop)


“Touch me” – Workshop on Tactile User Experience Evaluation Methods

One-day workshop at CHI 2014, April 26th (Saturday) in Toronto, Canada

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 10th 2014, via E-Mail to busch@cure.at

SUBMISSION FORMAT: 2-4 page position papers, formatted according to ACM
SIGCHI Publications Format (not anonymized)

NOTIFICATION: February 1st , 2014

INFORMATION & NEWS: http://tactile-ux-evaluation.cure.at/



There are various methods for evaluating the User Experience (UX) when
interacting with systems, e.g. questionnaires, interviews and
physiological measures. Most of these methods only rely on visual or
verbal stimuli, do not capture UX in a holistic way or are too invasive
(e.g. physiological measures, questionnaires) and therefore interrupt
the experiences of users. This workshop focuses on the enhancement of
purely visual, physiological or verbally based UX evaluation methods
with tactile perception. In this workshop we want to discuss and explore
ideas, challenges and possibilities for tactile UX evaluation methods
that enable users to self-report their UX by choosing one from a range
of physical objects that vary in shape and material. Being non-verbal
and not dependent on visual stimuli, these methods include many user
groups (e.g. blind users, illiterates or children). And beyond those
contexts, they might capture aspects of experience which are harder to
articulate in words.


The workshop welcomes participation from interested researchers &
practioners in the field of UX assessment. Particular we like to welcome
people interested in innovations in UX assessment. Workshop papers
should be submitted by January 10th 2014 via E-Mail to busch@cure.at. We
solicit 2-4 page position papers, formatted according to ACM SIGCHI
publications format (not anonymized). Authors will be notified on
acceptance of the position papers on February 1st, 2014. Topics of
position papers comprise, but are not limited to:

• Limitations of classical UX assessment methods and the need to
go beyond verbal or visual stimuli to assess UX
• Ideas and proposals for novel tactile UX assessment methods
• Possible application areas for tactile UX assessment methods
• Limitations and challenges related to tactile UX assessment
• Theoretical or empirical studies for the validity of UX
assessment methods
The one-day workshop will be at CHI 2014, April 26th (Saturday) in
Toronto, Canada. In “hands-on” sessions, we discuss and prototype
tactile evaluation methods for UX during the workshop. One author of
each submission must attend the workshop and register for the workshop
and for at least one day of the conference. Before the workshop, all
position papers will be made available to all participants. After the
workshop, we will stimulate further activities (e.g. joint publication)
to establish an active network for researchers & practitioners in the
field of UX assessment.

Please find further information on the subject and the workshop on
http://tactile-ux-evaluation.cure.at or send an E-Mail to busch@cure.at


Manfred Tscheligi – University of Salzburg – ICT&S Center

Katherine Isbister – New York University

Kristina Höök – KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Marianna Obrist – University of Sussex –School of Engineering &

Marc Busch – CURE – Center for Usability Research & Engineering

Christina Hochleitner – CURE – Center for Usability Research &
See you at CHI 2014 in Toronto!

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