Beyond Quantified Self: Data for Wellbeing. CHI 2014 Workshop

Second Call for Papers

Beyond Quantified Self: Data for Wellbeing
Workshop in conjunction with CHI 2014, April 27th, Toronto, Canada

Submission Deadline: Jan 17th, 2014
Notification: Feb 7th, 2014

Sustaining our health and wellbeing requires lifelong efforts for
prevention and healthy living. Continuously observing ourselves is one
of the fundamental measures to be taken. While many devices support
monitoring and quantifying our health behavior and health state, they
all are facing the same trade-off: the higher the data quality is the higher
are the efforts of data acquisition. However, for lifelong use,
minimizing efforts for the user is crucial. Nowadays, few devices find a good
balance between cost and value. In this interdisciplinary workshop we discuss
how this trade-off can be approached by addressing three topics:
understanding the user’s information needs, exploring options for data acquisition,
and discussing potential designs for life-long use.

We solicit position papers contributing to the three main topics of the
(1) User – What are the information needs of the end user? This includes
direct needs about what the user wants to know right now. It also
includes indirect needs, i.e. what the user wants other persons like his doctor
to know about his health now or a prediction of the future.
(2) Data – What are the options for data acquisition? We are interested
in novel and practical forms of direct data acquisition involving e.g.
dedicated sensors and forms of interaction that fulfill the specific
requirements of wellbeing monitoring with respect to usability,
acceptance and daily long term use. Moreover we are interested in “indirect” data
acquisition by analyzing data from sources that was originally intended
for something else like postings in social networks.
(3) Design – How can we design systems for wellbeing? With the area of
tension between data quality and ease of use, we are looking for
approaches and examples that successfully fulfill the user’s needs,
thereby sustaining long term usability in daily life. We are interested
in successful examples of hardware and system designs possibly going beyond
today’s monitoring devices. We are also interested in examples of
feedback and interaction with the user, as visual or non-visual on-device
displays, or as innovative smartphone or PC based systems.

We invite researchers and practitioners from different communities
including but not limited to
– life logging and quantified self,
– data analysis,
– health and wellbeing.

Authors should submit non-anonymized position papers of up to four pages
in the CHI Extended Abstract format ( to We encourage, but do not require bringing
demonstrators. Papers will be reviewed by the organizers and external
experts according to their significance and quality, to innovation, and
to their potential to stimulate discussions. Please note that at least one
author of each accepted submission must register for the workshop and at
least one day of the main conference.

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