ACE 2014


Incorporating 9th International Conference on Digital Interactive Media
in Entertainment and Arts (DIMEA)

Funchal, Madeira
11-14 November 2014

ACE – the leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge
research and innovation in the area of entertainment computing is
inviting the submission of proposals to the children creativity lab that
will take place as part of its 11th conference to be held in Funchal,
Madeira, on 11-14 November 2014.

The ACE Children Creativity Lab offers a unique opportunity for local
children and researchers from around the world to come together and
inspire one another in exploring and creating the future of
entertainment technology and unleashing its potential to empower as well
as entertain.

The ACE Children Creativity Lab is fueled by imagination and technology.
Children offer a boundless amount of imagination and creativity and
given half a chance will breath new life and find a new purpose to any
object be it a discarded cardboard box or a cherished pen with the pen
turning into a spaceship and the cardboard box transformed into a space
port with the beat of an eyelid. Present day technology offers the
availability of smart materials capable of changing their color, shape,
stiffness and so forth and of cheap and simple to use electronics
capable of controlling and driving these materials. The ACE Children
Creativity Lab offers a space in which the two can meet. We are
currently seeking catalysts capable of sparking novel and interesting
interactions between children and technology.

In order to take part in the ACE Children Creativity Lab participants
are expected to propose imaginative approaches to conducting creative
lab sessions with children. Each proposal should seek to empower and
support children in exploring materiality and functionality using any
mixture of physical materials and digital technology.

Selected participants will be invited to run their proposed creative lab
session with a group of local children and to present and discuss their
work during the conference. Submitted proposal papers will be included
in the conference proceedings and presented as part of the poster
session. ACE 2014 proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital
Library as part of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series

Submission deadline: July 14, 2014, 23:59:59 Samoa Standard Time (UTC

Decision notification date: August 11, 2014.

Detailed submission instructions can be found at

For further information feel free to contact us via email at:

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