MobileHCI 2014 – Workshop on Designing the Future of Mobile Healthcare Support

CFP: Workshop on Designing the Future of Mobile Healthcare Support

(In conjunction with MobileHCI 2014)

Toronto, Canada

23-26, September 2014


Submission Date: 10th July 2014

This workshop provides a much-needed forum to exchange and develop ideas on how recent advances in mobile interaction and visual analytics can be applied in the design of mobile healthcare systems. Researchers and designers working in relevant fields are invited to discuss, compare, and
demonstrate effective design approaches that can be adopted to improve the designs of mobile support systems for healthcare. We want to build a shared understanding of design approaches that can effectively introduce new mobile technologies and online information visualization into this complex

Mobile communication, interaction, and visualization tools can enable pervasive healthcare services that operate across different devices and allow for effective support of patients within and outside of the institutional healthcare setting. Mobile care systems must address the specificity of workflow in care facilities or in ambulatory care. They must address the needs of caregivers to document and share patient status, to analyze documentation relative to long term health goals and treatments, and to share information with other caregivers, including non-professionals, and to engage with patients. Evolving multimodal technologies on mobile devices such as touch, motion, and speech, facilitate effective interactions depending upon application content and context. High-speed data services are becoming pervasive on mobile devices, making sophisticated online mobile visualization systems feasible in health care.

Scope and Focus

This workshop, which is co-located with MobileHCI 2014 (,, invites submissions of papers describing new research challenges and inspiring discussion topics that highlight interactive visualizations and mobile interactions in the healthcare domain. Topics may include (not limited to):

– Conceptual approaches for designing mobile healthcare support systems such as iterative design processes vs throwaway methodology

– User centric design including suitable methods for involving
users in the design process and retaining user interest through design cycle

– Multimodal user interfaces for mobile devices

– Visualization techniques for mobile healthcare systems

– Methods of analysis and visualization of aggregated data, which provides information on design requirements on data collection and data handling (including privacy of user data)

– Interaction design models

– Natural user interface designs for mobile systems

– Methods of categorising a systems users (such as experts, patients) for whom designs might be targeted

– Importance of differences of user expectations between different platforms used to inform design.

– Ways to track changes in use under different design conditions

– Design for appropriation in the healthcare domain

– Privacy-sensitive design

– Integrating support for immediate health needs and support for long term health goals

– Supporting collaboration and communication across healthcare
teams including extended circles of care

We invite position papers of 2 to 6 pages in length. The paper should present a debatable opinion about an issue related to the workshop topics. Position papers should draw upon authors’ own research results, work in progress,tioner/industryyyyyyyyyyy experience reports. Authors should describe the goals and (expected) contributions of their work, and cite related work. Papers should be submitted in MobileHCI 2014 Extended Abstracts format <; to and should not be anonymized. Papers will be reviewed by the organizers and will optionally be made available on the workshop website. Authors may choose to have only the abstract published on the website, especially for work-in-progress that will eventually be published elsewhere. Authors of the best paper, as chosen by the organizers, will be invited to submit an expanded version for inclusion in a special issue of the International Journal of MobileHCI (IJMHCI).

Registration for the workshop through the conference website is mandatory for participation.

Important Dates
Paper Submission: July 10, 2014
Notification of Accepted Paper: July 18, 2014
Final Paper Submission: August 10, 2014

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